Expand your office with EPOS

Published July 7, 2022, 3:03 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

The EPOS Expand is a series of speaker phones from a company that was once known as Sennheiser Communications. Yep, the same Sennheiser name that hosts an impressive array of audio devices.

Right now, we are checking out EPOS’ Expand. And to help speed things up a bit, audio quality is impressive, loud and full of clarity. It also uses dual microphones for better receiving your voice. We tested the EPOS in a large room to check for echoes and how much sound it can pick up. We stepped away from the EPOS at about ten feet and the sound it picked up from us remained clear and consistent. 

It has echo cancellation, which is very useful if your room isn’t treated to reduce sound. Normally, if you want to ensure top audio from your end, you’d have to install audio panels and other costly (or going through a bit of DIY). The EPOS’ echo cancellation is enough to take out excessive noise. It’s not perfect, but it has a significant impact. 

One other thing we really like about the EPOS is its design. It’s portable and modern. It’s easy to carry around, so you’d be able to take it around wherever you need to host or attend your virtual meeting. The simple round shape also blends in really well in home offices for standby use or when keeping it until needed. 

The EPOS Expand connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can support wired connection as well. Multiple people speaking through the EPOS is not a problem as well, as the speaker was able to deliver everything without a single hiccup. 

So, if you’re looking to check out a speaker for your phone for various reasons, the EPOS Expand series is something you cannot go wrong with.