CNPF ventures into plant-based tuna alternative

Published July 7, 2022, 3:15 PM

by James A. Loyola

After launching its plant-based alternative meat products, Century Pacific Food, Inc. has started its venture into plant-based fish alternatives, unMEAT Fish-free Tuna.

With the launch of new unMEAT Fish-free Tuna, CNPF hopes to leverage on its experience in developing leading tuna products.


The firm said the innovation has the taste, texture, and appearance of tuna but is completely fish-free. It is made with 100 percent plant-based ingredients – non-GMO soy, natural oils, and flavors.

Within two months after its launch, unMEAT Fish-free Tuna has already gained distribution in over 500 retail outlets in the United States, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates, where it is carried in retail giant Carrefour.

It is also available in specialty vegan e-commerce sites in the United States, GTFO and Vejii.

CNPF’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Banzon said “unMEAT Fish-free Tuna is a gamechanger. Much of the focus in the industry has been on meat alternatives.”

He noted that, “On the other hand, seafood alternatives remain a wide-open space where we see pent up demand from consumers looking for healthier and more sustainable options at an accessible price.” According to Banzon, the Company is very confident about the product’s performance and potential.

In a recent survey conducted in the United States by a third party market research firm, unMEAT Fish-free Tuna significantly wins over leading plant-based tuna brands in the country.

Seven out of ten respondents claim that unMEAT Fish-free Tuna is significantly superior to other brands in terms of taste. They also find that it most closely resembles tuna in terms of appearance and texture.

“unMEAT has been actively participating in international expos and roadshows. This new product has been drumming up much excitement with retailers all over the world who have tried our samples. We’re currently working on increasing its retail footprint in key markets abroad,” said Banzon.