Why Nadine Lustre is working with this nature-inspired skincare brand

Published July 5, 2022, 1:22 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Working together to raise funds to plant 88,000 trees

Nadine Lustre has a lot of advoacies, giving back to her fans and to nature. This time around, as Bioten skincare ambassador, she is pushign for “The Green and Honest by the Numbers Campaign” in raising funds to plant 88,000 trees with the mission to complete the 20-year reforestation project or the Aetas of Yangil, Zambales.

“I believe I have a responsibility to the next generations—I will do what I can to raise awareness for a more sustainable future, as well as take concrete action,” she continues. “I begin here—with raising funds for trees. I hope everyone will join me in doing this.

So, why 88,000? In connection with Bioten, the skincare brand’s skin moisture line boasts of 88 percent ingredients of natural origin. Both Lustre and Bitoen share the same values of being green and committing to sustainability.

Launched during the pandemic, Sept. 2020, Bioten Skin Moisture is a natural and sustainable skincare brand that commits itself to environmental sustainability and the use of natural ingredients. Their jars are recyclable, 30 percent recyclable glass, with cardboard and ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Their tagline, “Caring for nature, caring for you.”

Bioten VItamin C carries a complete line of skincare packed with potent antioxidants and energizing properties. Vitamin C is known to protect the skin from environmental stressors, repair skin cells, and promote collagen, too!It has day and night creams with 100 percent natural orange and lime extracts. It even has anti-aging ampoules that contain a powerful complex of Vitamin C and brightening amino acid. Ninety percent of its ingredients are of natural origin, contributing to a kinder world for your skin and the world.

Lustre’s fans alone has raised half of the target, 44,000 seeds to be planted over the years. Bioten has already matched the number, reaching a total of 88,000. Hopefully, encouraging many more to follow.

You may still join the movement by making a donation through Nadine Lustre to this cause here. To find out more about the reforestation project, click here.

*The new line is available in Watsons and online on Amorfia.