QC starts full implementation of NCAP

Published July 2, 2022, 9:25 AM

by Aaron Homer Dioquino

The Quezon City government started Friday, July 1, the full implementation of the No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) on the city’s 15 major roads.

“With the NCAP in full gear, we expect motorists to be more careful and disciplined when plying our roads. We want to instill in them that no one is exempted when it comes to traffic rules and regulations,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

NCAP takes effect on Quirino Highway (Susano Road, Zabarte Road, and Tandang Sora Ave-Sangandaan), E. Rodriguez (Tomas Morato, Gilmore, Hemady), Aurora Boulevard (Hemady, Gilmore, Broadway, 20th Street), West Avenue (Baler), East Avenue (BIR Rd.), Kamias Road (Kalayaan), and P. Tuazon Boulevard (13th, 15th Avenue).

The local government said that NCAP utilizes state-of-the-art cameras with artificial intelligence technology to photograph and record the conduction stickers and plate numbers of vehicles that violate traffic rules and regulations 24hours a day.

It added that violators will receive a notice of violation (NOV) with corresponding fines, which will be delivered to their residences within 14 days. They can verify their NOVs through nocontact.quezoncity.gov.ph.

The NOV for non-residents will be sent through e-mail or a private courier.

The fine for violations such as disobedience to traffic control signals and signs, obstructing pedestrian lanes, counter flow driving, violating speed limit, and driving or riding a motorcycle without using a safety helmet is P2,000 for first offense and P3,000 for second offense.

Those caught for the third time will be fined P4,000

Meanwhile, the fine for other violations such as driving over yellow boxes, reckless driving, not using of seatbelts, distracted driving, driving of unregistered motor vehicle is P3,000 (1st offense, P4,000 (2nd offense), P5,000 (3rd offense).

Violators can settle their penalties within 30 days after receiving their NOVs through the nocontact.quezoncity.gov.ph website, selected banks, or cash payment at the ground floor of the Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) building at the Quezon City Hall compound.

The city government said that a monthly penalty of 5% surcharge will be imposed against violators whose NOVs remain unpaid beyond the 30-day period.

Those who want to contest their violations can file an appeal to the QC Traffic Adjudication Board (QC TAB) located at the DPOS building within 10 days from receipt of their notices.

“We are committed to ensure the safety of our constituents; first, bawal ang pasaway na driver sa QC. Iwas-kotong at iwas-hawahan pa ng Covid and sistemang ito kaya wala dapat ipangamba ang mga motorista kung hindi naman sila lumalabag sa batas-trapiko (We are committed to ensure the safety of our constituents; first, stubborn drivers are not allowed in QC. The system will also prevent “kotong” and the spread of Covid, so motorists should not worry if they do not violate traffic laws),” the mayor said.

The local government said that traffic enforcers will still apprehend and issue ordinance violation receipts to violators on roads not covered by the program.

The NCAP aims to identify traffic violations and discipline motorists without face-to-face interactions with traffic enforcers.