Princess Punzalan reveals having an abortion at 15

Published June 30, 2022, 4:58 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Princess Punzalan (Instagram)

Seasoned actress Princess Punzalan has shared her story of getting pregnant at a young age and her journey to motherhood.

On Instagram, she shared a video of her story.

“When I was 15, I got pregnant. I had an abortion because I was afraid of my mom and because the guy would not stand up for the baby,” she started.

“And then at 19, I found a guy who would marry me. For four and a half years, we tried, but I didn’t get pregnant. That marriage dissolved,” she added.

Then in her mid-30s, Princess found a man who would marry and love her, referring to her American hubby Jay Field.

“We tried for 10 years to get pregnant, but I didn’t get pregnant. We tried different kinds of ways to get pregnant, but I didn’t,” she related.

So they later decided to adopt.

“It was a long, hard climb to finally find our match,” she said. “I’m so grateful that the birth mom didn’t decide to kill her ’cause right now I’m so happy with my daughter, and I’m very grateful that she is in my life.”

In 2014, Princess and her husband had a baby shower for their daughter, Ellie.
Princess is most known as antagonist Selina Pereira-Matias in “Mula sa Puso” with Claudine Barretto.