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Published June 25, 2022, 10:03 AM

by Mike Lim

How true is the rumor that the family of Private Actor (PA) is welcoming a new addition?

Over time, PA has refused to indulge the public on details of his personal life. He has successfully kept quiet and avoided responding to persistent questions on his love life.

PA only answered queries about his work and his handlers are cautious not to indulge any press access to his non-showbiz life. Even his showbiz friends have kept their mouths shut.

Due to his hard work, PA amassed a solid fanbase and a lucrative reputation. PA mastered how to capture the attention of viewers to ensure his popularity. It seems that anything he touches becomes gold.

Still, PA has been mum on matters of the heart. A persistent rumor is that PA shares his life with Reclusive Talent (RT). Like PA, RT had decided to remain strictly focused on professional issues and not dwell on anything personal even in her social media.

Although they have been seen together more often, neither has confirmed anything personal.

An interesting development is that RT has to place her career on hold again because she is allegedly in the interesting stage. Thanks to PA, of course. Thus, while RT’s fans were happy to see her in projects, they have to be understanding as RT has retreated to the walls of domestic bliss again.  

‘There are many places where we choose to hide. And in the hiding, we soon realize that hiding never eliminates what we are hiding from.’ ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Jealous girlfriend aware of boyfriend’s infidelity

With breakup announcements and revelations these past months, a couple was almost added to the list. However, Jealous Beauty (JB) chose to disregard her feelings and emotions over finding out about an overwhelming matter. Meanwhile, Gorgeous Actor (GA) is chilling and behaving that all is well.

Sometime ago, love prevailed over public opinion when JB and GA admitted they were already in a relationship. JB and GA are individually considered controversial and together, the two are subsequently not spared from scrutiny.

As time passed, the two braved the storms and opinion changed, that is, the two were destined for each other.

Unfortunately, GA’s work provided the opportunity for his old ways. GA was allegedly seen going in and out of the room of the Inviting Actress (IA). The production people have seen GA’s several visits to IA. As most are familiar with GA, they concluded that something was happening behind the closed doors.  

When JB found out what GA was doing while away from her, she had to think over her reaction. Would she resort to social media to send feelers or worse, would a breakup be the answer to GA’s cheating? She chose neither. If JB chose a breakup, she knew public sympathy would not be on her side. The amount of possible bashing can be excessive and her social media would just be subjected to endless comments on how the universe gets revenge based on one’s previous actions.

For now, JB has to endure and accept that infidelity will be part of GA’s game. This time, great awareness will not lead to any immoderate action.

‘People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead.’ − Edith Wharton

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