ICYMI: A ‘Game of Thrones’ sequel centering on Jon Snow is coming

Published June 20, 2022, 5:45 PM

by John Legaspi

And it looks like Kit Harington is set to reprise his iconic role

Are you ready for the “Thrones” universe? Because that’s what’s coming. Long after the announcement of the “House of Dragon” prequel to the much-loved fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” HBO is also crafting a sequel series centering on one of the show’s fan-favorite characters—Jon Snow.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow (Photo from ‘Game of Thrones’ Instagram)

According to reports, Kit Harington, the actor who portrayed Jon Snow, is set to reprise his role for the forthcoming series. In the final season of “Game of Thrones,” it was revealed to Jon Snow that his true identity was Aegon Targaryen, making him a possible heir to the Iron Throne. Being exiled from Westeros, the character journeyed to the North of the Wall with the Wildlings to start a new life.

If the sequel will follow the final events of “Game of Thrones,” it is likely that fellow cast members like Maisie Williams (as Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (as Sansa Stark) will also appear on the show.

While we have to wait for more news about the Jon Snow-based sequel, what’s confirmed is the “House of the Dragon” premiering on Aug. 21, which is set 200 years prior to the events of the original show.

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