Mandatory wearing of facemasks in Davao City to continue

DAVAO CITY – The City Government of Davao is not lifting the mandatory wearing of facemasks just yet as the threat of Covid-19 remains, a health official said.

Dr. Michelle Schlosser, spokesperson for the Davao City Covid-19 Task Force, said during an interview over Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR 87.5) on Friday that facemasks give individuals a “first layer of protection” against the highly infectious Covid-19.

She said local authorities are not contemplating on removing the requirement of facemasks in public, otherwise it will put the individuals at greater risk of contracting the infection.

“The Covid-19 Task Force is not yet discussing it. At the moment, we do not see it necessary to lift the restriction,” she said.

Schlosser said this after she was asked if it is possible for this city to lift the mandatory wearing of face masks after Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia ordered the removal of the restriction in open spaces and outdoor settings in her province.

She said the local government would follow recommendations of the Department of Health and World Health Organization about the wearing of facemasks.

“This is the only way to protect us from transmission of the disease. The transmission happens through respiratory droplets by sneezing or coughing. We may inhale it from infected individuals and the way to protect us from that is by wearing face masks,” she explained.

Schlosser said the possibility of transmission of the infection through respiratory droplets can be prevented through wearing of facemasks.

She said it is important for the public to continue observing the health protocols because to effectively combat the infection is a “matter of discipline.”

Authorities believed another surge may just be a matter of time if people don’t follow the protocols, she added.

Aside from protocols, Schlosser said the vaccination also offers protection from transmission and severity of the disease.

“I know it’s very uncomfortable to wear your facemasks for the whole day but that’s the only way to protect ourselves and our loved ones, especially if you go to places where you don’t know the people you interact with and where they come from... again, we cannot see your enemy,” she said.