Filipinos are the fourth most sleepless people in the world

Published June 8, 2022, 4:00 PM

by Jules Vivas

And this is why we deserve better rest with bamboo sheets

A survey conducted by Sleep Cycle, a sleep tracking application, shows that Filipino adults get only about six hours and 30 minutes of sleep a day, way below the recommended seven to nine hours of rest daily. In fact, Filipinos rank fourth among the most sleepless people in the world. Sleep deprivation leads to various health problems.

Many factors interfere with a good night’s rest, from work to family responsibilities, illnesses, and other stresses. Addressing these problems may be complicated, but at the very least we could adopt habits that encourage better sleep.

A system that controls sleep, digestion, metabolism, mood, and more is called the circadian rhythm. Researcher Sofia Axelrod, Ph.D emphasizes that it is best to utilize the circadian rhythm as its main function is to free one from worries about the body.

Every aspect of the body such as temperature, alertness, digestion, and bowel movements is circadian. This proves, in other words, that our body has its own clock. 

The propensity to work at night or morning is not only determined by life circumstances but can be genetically coded, called chronotype. Simply put, all of us have our sleep patterns that depend on our genes. Knowing this, it is best to work with, not against, our body’s natural sleep preferences.

Apart from knowing your body clock, paying attention to what you eat and drink is also important for one to have a good rest. Creating a restful environment is vital, too. The best setting: a cool, dark, quiet room.

COMFORT COUPLE Co-owners of Linen & Homes and husband-wife Ryan and Shelly Tan

Good linen also enhances sleep, like bamboo sheets that have better moisture-wicking and cooling capacity compared to other textiles.

In the Philippines, homegrown sleepwear and bedding label Linen & Homes is a go-to when it comes to quality products that promote a good night’s sleep.

Founded by married couple Shelly and Ryan Tan, the brand offers a breadth of quality bed sheets, pillowcases, loungewear, and blankets, among others.

The lifetime partners got the idea to develop products after discovering quality sheets on their post-nuptial vacation. They sought the same linen they had on their honeymoon but were unable to find similar sheets in local department stores.

“We had the opportunity to buy bamboo sheets abroad and this was our first purchase ever of premium sheets,” explains Ryan. “We realized bamboo is perfect for the Philippines! It became our mission from then on to offer bamboo sheets to the local market and help people achieve better sleep.”

This simple beginning eventually led Linen & Homes to its mission of helping people dive into deeper, quality sleep. 

CARE PACKAGE Linen & Homes gift set

“We didn’t want the benefits of better sleep to be limited to just our family,” says Shelly. “We frequently get feedback from people that Linen & Homes helped them sleep better. It’s a nice feeling to know our brand has helped people out on something so important, yet often neglected.”

Innate in the brand is its push to help everyone get better, if not the best, rest through luxury bamboo fabrics. Bamboo brings a plethora of benefits specifically geared toward Filipinos. 

Innate in the brand is its push to help everyone get better, if not the best, rest through luxury bamboo fabrics. Bamboo brings a plethora of benefits specifically geared toward Filipinos. 

Linen & Homes’ refreshing and hypoallergenic bamboo sheets naturally have thermal regulating properties. The fabric avoids retaining heat, imparting a cool feeling throughout the sleep. The concept works wonders, especially in the Philippines where the seasons alternate only between dry and wet and weather is for the most part sultry, except for the end or the beginning of the year when it is generally cool or on occasions of rain and storm. 

“Before using bamboo sheets, Shelly and I used to have to argue over the right air conditioning setting,” says Ryan. “Now we get a cool, relaxing sleep even with the air conditioner off.”

The beddings are three times softer than cotton sheets, Oeko-Tex Certified, and made with no chemical softeners. They are also hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and anti-microbial—the best bamboo sheets money can buy.

Apart from bed covers, the cool and revitalizing bamboo material is utilized in other products as well, in particular, in the “Mellow” pillowcases, the “Cloudlight” comforter and Duvet Insert, towels, weighted blankets, loungewear sets, and more. All of these are done to give users the most comfortable experience possible. 

The brand has no shortage of products made to give Filipinos and their families a refreshing night’s rest. As the brand continues to grow, Linen & Homes aspires to give quality sleep and relaxation back to people dealing with an increasingly stressful, restless world. 

“From our family to yours, Linen & Homes is happy to make quality sleep more accessible than ever. With any luck, it’s something we’ll be able to keep doing in the future,” says Ryan. He adds that the label’s core is its customers. Everything they have developed is inspired by customers who have shared stories and anecdotes.

“It’s the simple stories that we hear about, like watching your child nap and how they sleep an extra two to three hours, or your dog roll around your bed and they don’t want to get off, or getting late for work because you got too snug in bed. At the end of the day, it’s these restful moments that we hope our brand can share.”