Cop shot dead in anti-illegal drug operation in Cebu

ALINSUG (Photo contributed by the Consolacion police station)
CEBU CITY – A policeman was killed in anti-illegal drug operation in Barangay Casili, Consolacion, Cebu last Sunday, June 5.

Police Staff Sgt. Careby Clyde Alinsug died on the spot due to multiple bullet wounds in the body.

The policeman’s alleged killer, Reynaldo Ydil, was killed Monday morning, June 6, when he allegedly fought back with pursuing policemen. Ydil, an ex-convict, was allegedly involved in illegal drug activities.

Around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Alinsug, an operative of the Drug Enforcement Unit of the Consolacion Police Station, went to Barangay Casili to verify Ydil’s alleged illegal drug activities.

Alinsug was accompanied by a police asset who was familiar with the area.

Police said Alinsug and his companion were caught off guard when the suspect fired shots at them the moment they arrived in the area.

Alinsug was not able to return fire, police said. The policeman’s attacker fled after the incident.

Alinsug and his companion were taken to the hospital where the policeman was declared dead on arrival.

Police received a report that Ydil fled to Barangay Lahug, Cebu City.

Police Lt. Col. Mark Gifter Sucalit, deputy director for operations of the Cebu Provincial Police Office, said that pursuing policemen chanced upon the suspect in a house early Monday morning.

Sucalit said that instead of surrendering, the suspect engaged the police in a shootout, in which Ydil was killed. A .45 caliber pistol was found near the suspect’s body when the shootout ended.

Police arrested the suspect’s reported 18-year-old live-in partner Ariana Grocela, who denied knowing that Ydil was involved in the illegal drugs trade. Police also arrested Ydil’s companion Danilo Aguilar, 27.

Police said Aguilar allegedly provided Ydil a motorcycle when he escaped after shooting the policeman. Aguilar denied the allegation against him.