Frizzle Anne drops ‘bittersweet’ track about  closure and peace 

Published May 29, 2022, 7:14 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Frizzle Anne

Rising singer-songwriter Frizze Anne released her newest single, ‘Alam Ko Naman,’ last May 27 — a track published under O/C Records that speaks of a bittersweet moment about closure, peace, and acceptance. 

Alam Ko Naman tells a narrative anchored in unraveling perplexed emotions about  finding certainty in a bind. The track explores sentiments of “fear and regret” and  “peace and acceptance” in finding closure for one striking experience. 

Inspired by notable storylines of classic chronicles that highlight the concept of  “lovers-turned-strangers,” Alam Ko Naman springs from one of Frizzle’s eureka  moments in songwriting. 

“lovers-turned-strangers who chanced a brief and unexpected encounter, a fleeting  eye-lock moment that brought about flashes of memories, bittersweet emotions, and  finally, a long-overdue closure and peace.” Frizzle shares. 

She adds, “I think one of the catalysts why I arrived with this kind of record was  listening to Coldplay’s Magic, The One by Taylor Swift, and To the Bone by  Pamungkas,”  

Alam Ko Naman highlights a pop-ballad record that ambles a sappy, cinematic, and  moody harmonic sense that takes a strike on classic hit pop records — parallel to the  prime romantic stories that stirred the production of the track. 

“This is one of those special tracks that would give you a nostalgic feeling as it is  reminiscent to a classic hit pop song you’ve already heard of or sung along with from a  distant past but hard to trace back as to where and when that was,” she explains. 

As a solo artist pursuing to make her mark in the industry by establishing a noble pop  music brand, Frizzle Anne is bound to paint the type of artist she revels in. 

“I aim to be the first ‘Frizzle’ (thanks to my odd and tricky-ish-spelled name anyway)  who offers fresh, versatile & tasty pop records, among other things. For this track, you 

can really tell that the melody is still obviously a love child of my roots (90s ballad, r&b soul music), but the production is very far from how the music typically sounded back  then. I think that’s the turning point there,” she reckons. 

Alam Ko Naman extends Frizzle Anne’s music catalogue as the record comes after her  singles, Natatangi, released last year, Pwede Ba?, released in 2019, and debut single,  Di Para Sa’Kin

With this newest record, Frizzle Anne affirms that a “versatile” artist will be witnessed  as the track exhibits a remarkable “vibe” — distinctly unique from her previous  releases. 

Other creatives behind this record include Kean Cipriano and Franz Sacro, who  produced and arranged the record, and Hazel Pascua, who mixed and mastered the  track. 

Alam Ko Naman is now available for streaming on all digital music platforms, including  Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. (Denise Simone)