Kathryn Bernardo’s choice of paracetamol

Published May 28, 2022, 7:30 PM

by Manila Bulletin

The young actress is the newest advocate of Biogesic

Kathryn Bernardo is the latest addition to Biogesic family and she is beyond ecstatic, especially after having done the iconic “ingat” salute!

“I didn’t think they’d have me do it, and when they did, sabi ko sa sarili ko (I told myself), ‘My God, this is really happening…’ Habang ginagawa ko, kinikilig talaga ako (I was elated while doing it). It is such an honor,” exclaims Kath, as she is fondly called, recalling how she would watch award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz make the symbolic gesture when she was younger.

John Lloyd was the first brand ambassador to popularize the “ingat” salute, followed by seasoned actress Jodi Sta. Maria, Biogesic’s brand ambassador for seven years.

A must-have for the Kath’s family 

“I grew up with Biogesic in our household, just like most Filipino families. It is our go-to medicine for fever and headaches. Nung bata ako, liquid pa muna, and then as I got older, yung tablet na (When I was a kid, we had the syrup, but as I grew older we switched to the tablet). It is my mom’s trusted brand, so, ako din,” Kath reveals.

Kath as a child, with her parents

Now 26,Kath continues to swear by the brand’s spotless reputation. So much so that she makes sure she has stock at home, with some neatly tucked in her first aid kit that she carries in her bag wherever she goes. 

“It’s good to be ready especially sa mga panahon na ito na bawal tayong magkasakit, mas lalo na ngayong pandemic (during these times that we are not allowed to be sick amid pandemic). I always bring Biogesic, especially sa taping, in case someone needs it.”

Kath went on to recall the recent event when she and her family sent out medicine to their relatives and friends during the surge of cases early this year. “Ganon siya pinagkakatiwalaan ng mga tao. (That’s how much people trusted the medicine) It was the fastest and easiest way to get better from headache and fever.”

Kath graduating preschool accompanied by her mom

With her genuine care for others, Kath couldn’t be a more perfect advocate for the brand, especially with its newest campaign dubbed “Alagang Biogesic: Languages of Care.” 

We all have different ways of expressing care. For Kath, it’s spending quality time and making her loved ones feel that she cares for them. 

‘Over the years, the brand has proven how reliable it is. If you feel like you’re coming down with something, inuman mo na agad ng gamut (drink medicine as prevention). It’s also one way of protecting your loved ones, by keeping yourself healthy.’

Being a celebrity, Kath admits to working long hours on end. Her busy schedule seldom leaves enough time to go on extended holidays. But when an opportunity presents itself, she makes sure to spend it with the people that matter to her the most.

“I have a very small circle of friends, but that’s my core. I make time for them because I am very busy and nasa akin talaga kung paano ko ime-maintain yung friendship. So during my free time, I make sure na maramdaman nila (that they feel) that I am there for them,” she says and furthers, “I am that type of friend na mahilig mag-video call instead of text. Gusto ko kasi nakikita ko ‘yung kausap ko para feeling ko magkaharap lang tayo na nagchi-chikahan (I prefer I see the person I am talking to so it feels like an actual physical conversation).”

Young Kath and her mother

Kath does the same and more for her family. “Sometimes it’s the little things. Like if you need me, or kahit ayaw mo pero feeling ko kailangan mo ako (or even if you don’t like it, and I feel that you need me), I would go to you, that’s how I am. Mahilig din akong mang-surprise (I also like to surprise others).”

One of Kath’s care languages is giving gifts in the form of meals. “I love sending food, especially when I know that they crave it. Or simply because I remembered them with the food. Kasi iniisip ko parati, ganon din ako. I like yung feeling na inaalagaan and may nagke-care, so ‘yun ‘yung ginagawa ko (Because I am like that. I enjoy being well-taken care of so I do that to others).”

Caring for one’s self

But Kath knows that to be able to continuously care for others, she also has to take care of herself that’s why she is an advocate of self-care. Without fail, she starts her day with a workout to get her endorphins kicking. She also loves a good pampering at a nail salon or having a facial. Or simply trying out a new recipe at home. 

“Gustong-gusto ko ang me-time. I would go to the mall and I would buy myself clothes that I’ve been eyeing for a while… Nagtatrabaho ako para sa mga mahal ko and of course para sa sarili ko so hindi ko kinakalimutan na i-reward and sarili ko once in a while. (I work for the people I love and for myself. So, I never forget to reward myself). That works for me.”

Kath does not shy away from asking for free days too! Especially when she feels like she’s already been working days on end. This she does to be able to go out with friends and keep everything in her life balanced.

“I like to be spontaneous. Kung feel ko biglang mag-out-of-town, ite-text ko yung mga kaibigan ko ‘overnight tayo’ or tambay lang sa bahay and then may pupunta dun na mga kaibigan. Nakaka-recharge na ‘yun for me.”

However, fatigue, lack of sleep, and stress can sometimes wear her down and make her sick. In times like these, she likes to be with family, specifically her mom. “I’m clingy when I’m sick. I like the feeling that someone is taking care of me… Tapos request ko parati, sopas, yung maraming butter, ‘yung kulay yellow na ‘yung sabaw sa dami ng butter.”

Kath further adds: “And kung kailangan, inuman din talaga ng medicine like Biogesic tapos mafi-feel mo na napapawisan ka and you’re getting better.” 

For Kath, family, and friends, ample rest and proper nutrition are a powerful arsenal. “Listen to your body. Relax and take things slow. You also need to eat food that will help your body heal faster. And surround yourself with people who will look after you while recovering.”

She also stresses how important it is to take a trusted and proven effective medicine for headache and fever, like Biogesic, which can be consumed on an empty stomach and taken by pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and the elderly.  “Over the years, the brand has proven how reliable it is. If you feel like you’re coming down with something, inuman mo na agad ng gamut (drink medicine as prevention). It’s also one way of protecting your loved ones, by keeping yourself healthy.”