Lock-in no fun for Ariel Rivera

Published May 27, 2022, 5:39 PM

by Neil Ramos

Ariel Rivera is set to appear in a new soap to air on GMA.

Happy as he is with the opportunity, he loathes the idea of him having to be ensconced somewhere for the same.

“Never again,” he told us in a recent interview.

Apparently, the show required him to stay under so-called “lock-in” for the duration of the shoot.

The first lasted for 45 days.

The second lasted a month.

“Okay lang sa akin 2-3 weeks of lock-in pero ‘yung a month to 45 days? Ayoko na siguro. Maybe this is the last,” he said.

He cited “cabin fever” as main reason.

“After a while kasi talagang it will get to you,” he said.

Ariel is not keen as well on doing weekend gigs, like a variety show.

He explained, “I’m not open to the idea. My weekends is for myself, my wife, my family.”