Angely Dub releases children’s book ‘Meet The World’

Published May 27, 2022, 4:15 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Another box in the bucket list was ticked off for traveler and writer Angely Dub launched a book “Meet The World.” It’s a self-published book written by the CEO and owner of multiple businesses Happi Lab, Access Travel, 7-Continents Store, Bulilit Kitchen, and Cheri Collection—Angely Dub. 

According to Dub, the book was inspired by her bonding moments with her four-year-old cousin amidst the pandemic. This book may be for young readers, but Dub assures that people of all ages can relate with her book.

Angely Dub adds,”I want to help and inspire other people through my journey. So many people asked me why I chose to write a children’s book and I always tell them that a person will always be a kid at heart.” 

She then emphasizes that ‘Meet The World’ implies to never leave behind the childness that we all have. The entrepreneur even reminisces about her childhood memories when she talked about how childhood was the best part of her life and how she discovered herself being an adventurous person. 

In addition, Dub affirms,”I think the reason why I am still motivated up to this day is that I’m always going to be a kid at heart—always curious and trying out new things.”

To brighten even more the book, all of the profits of ‘Meet The World’ will be donated to a non-profit organization which works for promoting the rights of every child, Child Hope. Angely Dub has been supporting this non-government organization ever since it was established. 

Meanwhile, Dub’s group of empowered women who are known in their own selected field such as Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidate and founder of Morena the label, Ayn Bernos personally bought the book and is one of the people who have it first.

Ayn Bernos explained how she was moved by the story of the protagonist and even shared her sentiments,”You’re not just one thing. You can be anything you want to be and that’s something that I constantly learn from Angely. Life is always in progress.”

As for the confidence advisor, author, and digital creator Myrza Sison says she is inspired by Angely Dub’s book. Sizon even emphasizes how Dub’s story reminds her of the big world full of possibilities. Indeed, even adults can mirror themselves to Dub’s imagination and creative work.

The book is available through online websites 7-Continent Store, Shopee and Lazada. Prices at P1,099 for hardbound and P699 for softbound.

Written by Michaella Joy Tsuji.