Kyla on criticism over two cents on oil-price hike

Published May 25, 2022, 11:00 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Singer Kyla’s social media accounts were inundated with malicious comments recently.

This, after she voiced her thoughts about increasing gasoline prices.

Her post read: “Sobrang mahal ng gas. Pero yung sweldo ng mga tao hindi naman tumataas. (disappointed face).”

While some agreed with her, others called her out for “complaining.”

One wrote: “Susssssssss.daming reklamo punta ka ng mars!”

Another added: “Inflation po tawag jan. Apektado buong mundo. Hndi kasalanan ng gobyerno.”

“Soooo…. What are you going to do about it? Any suggestions that can help increase salaries of workers and at the same time not  to be a burden on employers? Or maybe a solution to end the worldwide oil crisis? Or we’re just complaining here?,” an online user asked.

Other netizens went beyond bashing Kyla, calling her names.

In another post, the 41-year-old related, “Grabe ang comments ng ibang tao. Everyone wants to be right nowadays. Kaya walang nangyayari. I was simply stating a sad reality. It’s NOT a complaint. I NEVER said it’s the government’s fault. Don’t put words in my mouth.”

Then in another tweet, she advised her followers to be “kind” whenever possible.

“It is always possible,” she related.

She also wrote: “If you don’t understand what someone is saying and you react and call them names, without fully understanding the context of what they’re saying, what does that make you? It doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. What does that make you as a person?

“If calling people names make you feel better, you need to start looking in the mirror. I feel sorry for some people spreading more hate in this world. I pray that in time, you’ll become a better person. God Bless You!”