GOT7 tops daily album chart with comeback release

K-pop boy band GOT7 emerged on top of the daily album chart with their comeback release.

The group released the mini-album “GOT7” on May 23 consisting of six songs including the carrier track “Nanana.”

GOT7 (Twitter)

According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, “GOT” sold 191,730 copies on the first day of release to top the daily album chart for May 23.

The members, who left JYP Entertainment last year, said the new album symbolizes their promise to return.

"Through our new release, we want to let people know that GOT7 has not disbanded. It is also a testament to our promise that we would soon reunite and meet our fans,” said BamBam during GOT7’s press conference on May 23, the Korea Times reported.

According to Mark, "Since we are happiest when we take the stage as a septet, we did not want to give this up ... We are so close to each other and we love spending time together."

"I am so relieved that we can release an EP as a septet. We told each other that all seven of us should be part of our new mini-album, but it is still surreal to see that we have actually made this happen,” said Jay B.

He added, “I am truly thankful to the new management companies of our members and Warner Music Korea, our album distributor."

Getting all members together was a challenge, said Jinyoung.

"We could hardly meet face-to-face because some members were not in Korea. Even the members in Seoul could not meet a lot as we had to follow social distancing rules,” he said.

He added, “So we had meetings frequently via video call. In the case of Mark, he often had to stay up late to talk with us due to the time difference. Preparing for our new EP was not easy, but it was not very difficult at the same time, as so many people ― including the officials of our new management companies ― were really supportive."

According to Jay B, "Although GOT7 may not be able to release new music offerings as frequently as we did in the past, we will still try our best to perform as a septet whenever possible, while pursuing our individual careers."