Amazing women talk about work-life balance challenges

Published May 23, 2022, 10:30 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Sarah Geronimo (center) and Hanabishi officials

Balancing work and family life poses a great challenge particularly for women on the go with ambitious career goals.

But it is possible to “have it all” — a thriving family, great sleep, exercise, and career success according to some time management experts.

For Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, it is a matter of setting priorities.

“I believe time management is a skill and it’s just a matter of mastering it. Wearing different hats, I realized that I should prioritize my time and have the right balance in my personal and professional life,” she said.

She also cites the importance of having a reliable partner for life she can trust.

“For me, choosing the right partner is also crucial, just like choosing the quality brand that suits your busy lifestyle, the one that affords you convenience and high performance just like Hanabishi products,” she added. 

For Cherish Ong- Chua,VP for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Philippines, it is working efficiently while prioritizing family.

“Our culture in the office is very family-oriented. We follow an 8-5 office schedule, and we believe that family time is important. I try to adopt the culture that we try to promote in the office, which is to work efficiently so that we can spend more time at home,” Cherish said.

For her, the most challenging part of being a working mom also is “never being able to shut off.”

“I like to delve into the details of my work to make sure we have all bases covered and we’re working as efficiently as possible. At the same time, I make sure that the kids are doing well in school and have eaten their meals,” she shared.

On the other hand, Candice Ong- Ah, VP for Operations and head of Hanabishi’s service department says her being a hands-on mom despite being busy with office work is something that they got from their mother.

“I think, as a mom, you just do it automatically. You have responsibilities at work, but your family will always be at the back of your mind and your first priority,” she said. “Sometimes, there are conflicts in schedules and you have to prioritize work. But in our family, we try to work around our family’s schedule because family time is very important to us,” she added. 

These three amazing women talk also about their favorite Hanabishi appliances.

“I want the portable gas stove and griller. Aside from being stylish and effective, it will save you time and energy in cooking,” she enthused.  

Cherish, who also loves to cook, refers to the digital pressure cooker and air fryer, Hanabishi’s bestsellers, as her products of choice.

“The digital pressure cooker saves me so much time. Instead of taking 2-3 hours of cooking, it gets it done in an hour. With the air fryer, I get to serve my family less oily and healthier food,” she shared.

Candice, meanwhile, loves the HDESUGAR rice cooker.

“It’s my new favorite because it allows me to eat rice without the guilt. It’s a very versatile cooker as well. It can cook other dishes and even soup,” she said.