Kamikazee entertains cryptocurrency community at Cove Manila event 

Published May 18, 2022, 6:22 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Jay Contreras, vocalist of the band Kamikazee, is pictured here with Myrtle Ramos, founder & CEO of Block Tides/Placewar. The band performed in the NFT Metaverse Gamefi 2022, dubbed the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia, at Cove Manila in Okada last May 1.

Premier Filipino rock alternative band Kamikaze, highlighted a recent gathering of people belonging to the crypto space, a term to describe blockchain enthusiasts, and entrepreneur-innovators making use of the digital technology.

The group’s performance was the main salvo of the event held last Sunday, May 1. The “NFT Metaverse Gamefi 2022”, had been dubbed as the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia. 

Four prominent global crypto institutions, namely, CoinVoice, AC Capital, Block Tides, and Asia Token Fund were in the forefront of this gathering to “explore everything from your imagination to an entire universe.” 

Kamikazee, led by vocalist Jay Contreras, certainly galvanized the attendees of the hours-long event that featured six speaking sessions, and two panel discussions, including one about metaverse, and NFT opportunities and applications. 

“The purpose of this event is to gather a lot of people not just in the crypto space, but to bring together thought leaders, content creators, and a lot of blockchain companies for us to succeed in the global arena for the Philippines,” said Myrtle Ramos, CEO-founder of Block Tides/Placewar.  

Other key figures involved in the event are the following: Vincent Shang, Co-Founder of AC Capital; Aron Koh, SVP of Gala Games; Rommel Carlos, CEO of Arcus; Charlene Chan of CoinEx PR; Meehan William Bergquist, Director of Covenant Child; Ashley Ouyang, Principal of Crypto.com Capital; Randy Knutson, CEO of DynaQuest; Kirck Allen, CEO of Kaloscope; Marilyn Vu, CMO of Mecha Morphing; Angelo Punayo, BD of Open Blox; Alan Ta, CEO of Roseon World; and Frank Yun, Director of Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends.

NFT, Metaverse, GameFI 2022 NFT also featured a cosplay fashion show, and a discussion on women in blockchain technology. 

A metaverse pertains to “a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection,” while GameFi “combines cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and game mechanics to create a virtual environment.”

“Experience the magic of Gamefi & Metaverse with thought leaders, content creators, and experts from the Philippines and around the world on stage!,” boasted a press release. 

Cove Manila is located inside Okada Manila, which is the largest integrated casino resort in the entertainment city district of Parañaque City.