LG combines multiple tech for their newest smart TV

Published May 16, 2022, 7:34 AM

by Jonathan Castillo


LG is introducing the QNED Mini LED. A TV, which they say heralds the dawn of a new era for LCD TVs by combining Mini LEDs with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies. The result, an even better viewing experience.

Mini LEDs are smaller than the backlights in LCD TVs, allowing LG’s TV to have more space for additional LEDs. This gives us brighter screens, deeper blacks, and more color details.

To offer a better, exceptional viewing experience, the LG QNED Mini LED features approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs to produce a bright, high-quality picture, while close to 2,500 unique dimming zones deliver stunning blacks with reduced halo effect even in the darkest scenes. The resulting image looks so good you might just think it’s magic.

The LG QNED Mini LED of course offers impressive color reproduction. Certified via independent third-party testing (Intertek), the evolved display accurately captures a wider color gamut to deliver rich colors that remain brilliant even at maximum brightness levels. This ensures a vibrant experience and keeps everything you watch looking exactly as intended.

Not only do colors remain breathtaking at high brightness on LG QNED Mini LED, they’re also reproduced with high consistency thanks to the TV’s innovative display technology. Color consistency is a representation of display consistency in terms of color and lightness measured to angles of ±30°. With 100% Color Consistency, everything you watch on LG QNED Mini LED TV is shown with rich, original colors even when viewed from wide angles.