Yap proclaimed congressman in Benguet

Published May 11, 2022, 1:38 PM

by Comanda Rizaldy C.

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — Former Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) party-list Representative Eric Yap has been formally proclaimed congressman in Benguet province, after securing a landslide victory in the election on May 9.

Photo courtesy of Rizaldy Comanda

Yap was appointed caretaker of Benguet on January 29,2020, after Congressman Nestor Fongwan, Sr., passed away in 2019.

Since then, he has poured his dedication to the province through the programs, projects in remote areas that have not been the focus of previous administrations. These projects were probably well appreciated by the citizens.

Benguet includes three tribes, collectively referred to as the Igorot. The Ibaloi in the southeast, the Kankanai in the northwest and the Kalanguya in the east have since been solid in choosing their candidate who should be “kakailyans” (compatriots).

In the first political history in Benguet, it was Yap, who migrated to the province and became the first congressman of the province.

During his tenure as caretaker until the campaign period, Yap said he ‘even though I am not a pure Benguet native I immediately learned to love the province, because I saw the needs of the people and I am ready to serve and implement programs and projects towards a prosperous province. ”

“Right now it doesn’t matter where you are from, the important thing is that you have love for your place,” said a Benguet resident, who requested not to be named.

“We saw in him (Yap) his dedication to help keep the livelihood safe and further develop the province. We also saw his concerns as he goes to remote areas for the first time to carry out projects, so maybe he was given the opportunity to continue his good programs in our province,” added the Benguet resident.

Yap got a landslide victory by 123,801 votes against his rivals Itogon Mayor Victor Palangdan who got 71,200, Sammy Paran who garnered 4,457 and Keith Thorsson 2,162.

Gov. Melchor Diclas will continue the service for the second term, after also getting landslide votes of 112,345, while first-timer Marie Rose Fongwan-Kepes, daughter of former Congressman Nestor Fongwan, Jr., also garnered a landslide vote of 61,195 becoming the No.1 board member of Benguet’s second district.