Virtual celebration ideas for Mother's Day

Published May 5, 2022, 12:14 PM

by Millie Manahan

Virtual celebrations for Mother’s Day

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other online platforms have become pivotal avenues to keep in touch with our family and friends. To those moms who are abroad and are away from their families, these ideas will help lessen the homesick feels.

Idea 1: Virtual Concert- Pass the Mic

Mom-oke time on Sunday! Organize a virtual party with your family and sing all of your mom’s favorite songs! Then, enjoy each other by sharing songs your moms would love to sing and hear!

Idea 2: Paint With Mom

If you’re staying at Makati Picasso Hotel, perhaps, a painting virtual party is a good idea! Unleash your mom’s inner artist in her and paint your hearts away with great views!

Idea 3: Cook-off with Mom

Nobody beats mom’s food. So if your mom isn’t around (if she’s abroad or in heaven), you may organize a virtual cook-off with her or your family! Time to reveal those heirloom recipes or show off a grazing spread this Sunday!

The Essence of Mother’s Day

I am sure that there’s more to add to this list. Mother’s Day should be an everyday celebration. However, the true essence of Mother’s Day isn’t about how grand your party is or how expensive the gift is. It is all about how you respect, love, and honor your moms.

A mom’s job is never-ending. Even in the afterlife, they still look after us.

Further, this pandemic has taught us the value of life and the importance of keeping in touch. The gift of technology has also brought us closer.

From the Manila Bulletin to yours, we wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day, especially single parents.