Korean actress Kang Soo-youn, star of Netflix film ‘Jung_E,’ rushed to hospital

Multi-awarded Korean actress Kang Soo-youn (aka Kang Soo-yeon) was rushed to a hospital on May 5 due to cardiac arrest.

Korean media reported that the 55-year-old actress was found by her family at 5:40 p.m. at her home in Apgujeong, Gangnam in Seoul in a state of cardiac arrest. Her family called the 119 emergency hotline.

Korean actress Kang Soo-youn at the 2016 Busan International Film Festival (Screenshot from BIFF video on YouTube)

She was given CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and was taken to the hospital for treatment and remained unconscious as of press time.

Another report by media outlet Dispatch stated that Kang Soo-youn was diagnosed with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).

“Intracerebral hemorrhage (bleeding into the brain tissue) is the second most common cause of stroke (15-30% of strokes) and the most deadly. Blood vessels carry blood to and from the brain. Arteries or veins can rupture, either from abnormal pressure or abnormal development or trauma. The blood itself can damage the brain tissue. Furthermore, the extra blood in the brain may increase the pressure within the skull (intracranial pressure (ICP) to a point that further damages the brain,” according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons website.

Kang Soo-youn will star in Netflix’s sci-fi movie “Jung_E” along with Kim Hyun-Joo and Ryoo Kyung-Soo. The film is slated to be released this year.

A representative from Netflix Korea was quoted by media outlet JTBC News as saying, "We are assessing the current situation. Filming for the work has already been completed, and we are currently working on post-production."

Kang Soo-youn became the first Korean to win at an international film festival. Her role in the movie “The Surrogate Woman” won her best actress at the 44th Venice International Film Festival in 1987. She also won best actress at the 1989 Moscow International Film Festival for “Come, Come, Come Upward.”

She also won best actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards, Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards. Born in 1966, Kang Soo-yeon started as a child actress in 1969.

She also served as festival director at the Busan International Film Festival.