Marcos Jr. eyes gov’t support of ‘mariculture’ industry

Further development of “mariculture” or marine farming industry is one of presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s electoral promises amid the economic burdens on the agricultural sector wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mariculture involves the farming of marine organisms primarily for food but also for other animal products.

In the Philippines, the industry focuses mainly on seaweed, milkfish (bangus), tilapia, and shrimp.

“Sa mga mangingisda naman (For our fishermen) we will develop one of the exciting areas of fisheries that I think we can develop in the Philippines which is mariculture. That is already a very big market that’s very profitable,” Marcos said in a virtual press conference with members of Visayas-based media outlets on April 27.

He added that, if elected, his administration would offer full support the agriculture and mariculture industries.

“But all of these new techniques have to be developed and they have to be brought up to our farmers, our fishermen, our livestock raisers, lahat yan kailangan madala natin sa kanila, tapos kapag mag-start ng production, ay dapat may suporta din ang gobyerno (all of that needs to be brought to them, then when production starts, the government should support),” he added.