LTFRB opens over 7,800 franchise slots for TNVS

Published April 30, 2022, 8:42 AM

by Aaron Recuenco 

The Land Transportation Franchising ang Regulatory Board (LTFRB) opened on Saturday, April 30, a total of 7,870 franchise slots for Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) in a move to increase the public transportation in Metro Manila.

The opening of the franchise slots was based on the LTFRB Board Resolution No. 065 s. 2022 which authorizes the acceptance of applications for TNVS under the accredited Transport Network Companies (TNC).

Based on the Resolution, a total of 7,000 slots will be allocated for NCR, 220 slots for Region III, 500 slots for Bicol Region, and 150 for Western Visayas.

The LTFRB, however, set the following rules:

1. The processing of the application will be in the first come, first serve basis and the application should be done personally in LTFRB regional offices;

2. Applicants at the LFRB Central Office in Quezon City must register online. Those who would be able to register online would receive confirmation e-mail and would be given a reference number. For applicants outside Metro Manila, the local LTFRB offices will set an schedule on a per batch basis;

3. The vehicles that would be applied for TNVS use must not be over three years since it went out of the car dealer shop; If the owner is paying a monthly amortization, the applicant should ask for Certificate of Conformity from the bank or financial institutions;

4. If the owner could not personally apply at the Central Office, the spouses or relatives are allowed provided that they present a Special Power of Attorney, original copy of the valid government-issued identification cards and that of the lawyer who would issue the Special Power of Attorney. Lawyers of the applicants can also file provided they produce an Entry of Appearance.

The LTFRB is also requiring the submission of the following from the TNVS applicants;

1. Four copies of Verified Application (template is from the;

2. Photocopy of the Official Receipt at Certificate of Registration (OR/CR), or those who have Certicate of Conformity for those paying a monthly amortization;

3. Proof of Filipino Citizenship, like Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter’s ID, or any proof of government-issued identification which shows citizenship of the bearer.

A Formal Offer of Evidence that includes the following documentary requirements must also be submitted at least five days before the scheduled hearing:

1. Proof of existence of garage. If the applicant owns the garage, he or she should submit a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Tax Declaration. If the garage is now owned by the applicant, TCT/Tax Declaration witgNotarized Lease of Contract o Notarized Authority to Use Garage with the ID of the owner;

2. Proof of Financial Capability: Proof of Bank Deposit of P20,000 per unit

3. 5R photograph of every unit that are applied for TNVS (front, back, side of the vehicle). The photo should be taken with a newspaper published on the day the photo is taken;

4. DTI Business Name Registration

5. BIR Certificate of Registration for inclusion in the Transport Service or Proof of Filing

6. Certificate of Accreditation from accredited Transport Network Company (TNC)

7. NBI at Police Clearance of the authorized driver;

8. Proof of Publication:

9. Affidavit of Publication

10. Copies of Publication

11. Affidavit of Attestation proving that the documents submitted as Formal Offer of Evidence are authentic

After the application is done (for those in Central Office), the applicants will be given Provisional Authority (PA) and will later choose TNC for accreditation. The applicant will coordinate with the TNC.

For the regional offices, the PA will be given by after the evaluation of the application.

The TNC that will be chosen by the applicants will have the responsibility to validate the application before the LTFRB for accreditation. The TNC should also assist the applicants in the preparation of Formal Offer of Evidence on the scheduled hearing.

The TNC that would be chosen should be with the applicant during the scheduled hearing. Non-appearance of the TNC during the hearing would mean cancellation of the application.

For those who want to apply, the LTFRB advise them to do the following:

1. Access the link using this web browser:

2) Create an account and fill out the required information being asked

3) Once the an account is created, the applicant can proceed with the registration process to secure an appointment date. This could be done by choosing “SELECT TRANSACTION” buttion to register the details of the vehicles of the applicants

4) Follow the direction of the pages in the registration online site

5. The list of requirements and the appointment for face-to-face filing at theLTFRB Central Office will be provided by the system in the registration link

6. A text messafge will be received by thge applicant if the registration process is completed.