Duterte: Observe Covid protocols on election day to avert projected surge

Published April 27, 2022, 10:51 AM

by Argyll Cyrus Geducos

President Duterte called on the public to adhere to the minimum public health standards when they cast their votes on May 9, 2022, to interdict the surge of Covid-19 cases projected by health experts.

President Duterte (RTVM Screenshot)

Duterte made this appeal after the OCTA Research warned that the country might record 5,000 to 10,000 Covid-19 cases daily once the new Omicron subvariants enter the country.

In his pre-recorded “Talk to the People,” aired Wednesday morning, April 27, the President asked the public to keep their masks, practice proper handwashing, and keep their distance from one another on election day to prevent a surge of coronavirus infections from happening.

“There will be some crowding again of small spaces lalo na sa mga eskuwelahan (especially in schools). It has something to do with the elections also Covid-19,” he said.

“So better, again, remember when you go to the electoral precincts, kindly tell yourself that you have to remember the things that government wants you to follow. So that hindi masyado tayo mahirapan (we won’t have too much trouble) and we will prevent another surge,” he added.

“We can only interdict the surge in the future by the simple washing of the hands, ang mask importante talaga ‘yan (and masks are important),” he continued.

According to the President, it’s crucial for Filipinos not to be complacent and follow the government’s policies as Covid-19 is going nowhere soon.

“It is here with us for all time also. The only way that we can get rid of it is we have a concerted effort, cooperate with the government sa mga sinasabi namin kung ano ang mabuti (on what we say), the things that we advise the people to follow because it is intended solely really for one purpose and that is for the welfare of the people,” Duterte said.

“It has nothing to do with region or elections or whatever. It has something to do with the well-being of our nation,” he added.

President Duterte likewise asked the public to stop being smart alecks and listen to experts.

“You have to listen to our medical professionals, our scientists. May alam ‘yan. Huwag na tayong magpa-ano pa na mas marunong tayo kaysa kanila (They know what they’re doing. Let’s not act like we know better),” he said.

“A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing… [If] you are a lawyer and you start to argue with things that you think that you know better than the medical practitioners — bantay ka diyan (you better watch out),” he added.