3 Asian skincare trends that should be on your beauty radar

Published April 19, 2022, 1:11 PM

by Manila Bulletin

Go for mochi or KonMari your vanity, it’s never too late for a new skincare goal

Over the past few years, Asia has been considered as a beauty innovator, offering beauty enthusiasts all over the world with fresh new ways to tackle their skin concerns. This year is no different. Whether you’re a beauty junkie or someone who wants to shake up their skincare routine, here are three Asian beauty trends that can help you achieve that healthy, glowing skin.

SMOOTH LIKE MOCHI South Korean singer-songwriter Jaehyun and his rice-cake skin

Mochi skin

The Japanese refer to nice skin as mochi-hada, or rice-cake skin, a reference to the ultra-soft and plump Japanese dessert. So, mochi skin essentially means having a complexion as supple and smooth as these popular treats. Achieving mochi skin is tied up with the Japanese skincare philosophy of nourishing—thorough gentle cleansing, and multiple hydrating and moisturizing layers.

One of the products they use to get that mochi-like bounciness and smoothness is a face lotion. There’s no specific equivalent to face lotions but you can consider them as something like skin conditioners, applied after cleansing. Considered a vital step to mochi-hada, face lotions soften the skin, hydrate, and even perform a few extras. Since hydration (technically adding water to the skin, not to be confused with moisturizing, which is adding oils) is key, face lotions are usually full of water-pushing humectants like hyaluronic acid or aloe.

A go-to face lotion brand in Japan is Hada Labo, which sells out a bottle every five seconds. Its key ingredient is hyaluronic acid that’s known for retaining water in the skin. The Goku Jyun Hydrating Lotion, Japan’s number one face lotion and Hada Labo’s star product, is infused with four types of hyaluronic acid to fully hydrate skin from the surface to inner skin layers, locking moisture in. There’s also the Goku Jyun Hydrating Light Lotion which is great for oily or combination skin with its light, non-greasy texture. Both are formulated with Japan’s High-Performance Penetrating and Deep Moisturizing Technology to get that soft, smooth, and supple skin—just like mochi.

KonMari-ing the vanity

World-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only keeping things that spark joy has reached beauty shelves. More and more beauty enthusiasts are now subscribing to skinimalism, paring their skincare regimen down to the most basic products that their skin needs or opting for multifunctional ones. This approach to beauty discourages piling the skin up with product after product that can aggravate skin concerns or lead to new ones.

Hada Labo believes in the same beauty philosophy with its Perfect X Simple skin care range formulated to bring beauty back to the basics. For a complete and effective yet fuss-free skincare routine, the Goku Jyun Hydrating Lotion is usually paired up with the Goku Jyun Hydrating Face Wash, an ultrafine foam that gently washes away impurities without drying or irritating the skin, and the Goku Jyun Hydrating Light Cream, a light watery moisturizer that’s meant to lock, replenish, and store moisture deep in skin.

All are free of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol, and colorant that burden the skin. Each product contains only the finest, purest, and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Gel textures

Here’s a friendly reminder: overloading the skin with thick products can clog pores and cause breakouts, especially to those with oily and acne-prone skin. That’s why skincare products in lightweight gel textures are gaining traction, as they moisturize the skin without all the unnecessary grease. Hada Labo’s skincare line offers the Goku Jyun Hydrating Water Gel that’s formulated to quickly absorb into the skin and leave it with a velvety soft finish, thanks to its non-greasy and ultra-lightweight water in gel texture.

Let Asia’s beauty experts guide you with new ways of caring for your skin. Start a new skincare goal with Hada Labo, now available at Watsons online and stores, at the official Mentholatum store on Lazada and Shopee, and at Zalora.