FAMOUS: Paul Pablo reveals coming out story

Published April 8, 2022, 11:05 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Paul Pablo

With the most promising voice and goal in life, Paul Pablo is the latest singer to be launched this year.

Early in his life, Paul already knows that he is different and, having been raised in a conservative family. He opted to keep the real “Paul” to himself. Until the right moment came when he revealed himself to his parents and loved ones. Paul is very thankful for having a loving and supportive family.

The Davao-based singer is an artist of many talents. Known for his “hugotronic” sound, the Pride of Pinoy Pop has released four tracks so far: “Bangin”, “Bai”, “Kalawakan”, and “Gulo.” But his new single, “Kaya,” feels like an announcement that he has officially arrived. 

Coinciding with the March graduation ceremonies — when fresh grads reflect on growing up and facing adult responsibilities — the new single couldn’t have come at a better time. At the stroke of midnight on March 18, Paul dropped “Kaya” which features energetic melodies paired with his signature vocal stylings.


Athalia Badere and Mico Akashi

Congratulations to the actors and staff behind the Facebook serye “Troika.” The first episode was posted last April 3 in the official account of Mel Martinez whose also starring in the series together with promising newbies Athalia Badere and Mico Akashi and is directed by young filmmaker Cj Barinaga.

We’ve attended the media launch of “Troika” and was very much impressed with the production’s goal of giving quality content for free in the social media platform.

The series is a story about a modern family whom, despite all the challenges facing each character, is able to find love and inspiration from each other. Mel Martinez said that he is impressed with his young costars in the project.

“All of them are very open to learn and always listens to suggestions on how to improve their acting. The talent is there, and I can see them growing in this industry” he said.

The second season talks for “Troika” is said to be in the works according to its producers.



In the recent grand media launch, PPop all male group 1st.One revealed their favorite bonding activity in between work schedules. The group revealed that the popular mobile game app “Mobile Legends” is their favorite pastime and stress -reliever.

1st.One started making their mark in the P-pop landscape even before their official debut in 2020. They participated in the 28th Philippine-Korea Cultural Exchange Festival in September 2019, where they won first place in the dance category. They were the first Filipino artists to perform at this famous Korean awards ceremony.

After a brief hiatus, the group returned earlier this year and dropped the catchy single “Shout Out,” a song that pays homage to the Filipino soldiers who fought alongside Korean soldiers during the 1950s Korean War. Ace, the leader of 1st.One, explained that he wrote the lyrics wanting to pay tribute to those soldiers who fought hard in the war so that people could live their lives in freedom.


Our friend Kuya Ed De Leon invited us for a tour in the newly reopened Star City amusement park at the CCP Complex. The top favorite attraction “Snow World” is once again ready to accept guests as the theme “Winter Wonderland” houses are now on display together with the trademark giant slide made of ice. Congratulations, Snow World and Star City!