How Yondu enabled Globe’s tech play to address now normal challenges

Published April 7, 2022, 6:53 AM

by MB Technews


The future is looking bright for the country’s digital economy. When the pandemic hit, many industries were quick to shift their focus on digital innovations, helping them thrive as the business landscape continues to change.

The rise of eCommerce was noticeable, with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) acknowledging the significance of eCommerce and the digital economy as two key factors in growth and economic recovery. But there are still now-normal concerns to be addressed, and Yondu stepped up to provide solutions.

Yondu, the top IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe, promotes a digitally savvy society by providing holistic solutions to its clients. Over the years, Yondu has bagged awards, including its recognition in the 2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards and being one of the top five PH startups in terms of revenue in 2018. Today, Yondu enables Globe’s tech play in response to the now-normal challenges.

Joan Peñaflorida, CEO and President of Yondu, noted that the pandemic pushed businesses to embrace digital transformation as the customers’ needs evolved, demanding technology solutions.

To address these, Globe enlisted the help of Yondu to drive their digital innovations. Peñaflorida explained, “Globe Business combined the forces of its subsidiaries, giving birth to the Plug-and-Play Contactless Solutions. These stackable solutions seek to provide consumers with convenient, safe, and seamless experiences both offsite and onsite. Essentially, the eComm plug-and-play is like a one-stop shop, empowering brick-and-mortar retailers through contactless solutions, such as crowd control (density tracking, centralized queuing system). It also enables agile transformation through platform development, managed services, and marketing support.”

Yondu produced comprehensive eCommerce solutions covering platform development, system integration, inventory management system, and IT-related operations. These helped businesses reach their customers at the height of the pandemic. Through the collaboration with Globe, Yondu contributed to the survival and growth of the retail industry.

Knowing that not all companies have the budget for ground-up solutions, Yondu built an easy-to-use, CAPEX-friendly eCommerce platform called Vessell. It allows businesses to go digital even with a minimum working budget thanks to its ready-to-use system.

The platforms have the salient features needed to get an eCommerce store up and running. Templates and features tailor-fit to different industries are also available. Through these Yondu-enabled eCommerce solutions, businesses can boost customer satisfaction by fulfilling orders efficiently and cost-effectively while driving more sales. For businesses with a bigger budget, Custom Software Development, which Yondu prides itself on, is available. It includes some apps Yondu has produced for several big brands.

Peñaflorida explained how Yondu helped Globe through these innovations, “Yondu enabled Globe to position itself as a one-stop shop for our clients’ connectivity and ICT innovation needs, providing them convenience and enabling them to transform rapidly during the pandemic and the now normal. ”

Yondu expects to develop more innovations in the future, especially since retailers shifted their priorities when the economy reopened. Peñaflorida said, “Yondu will continue to help our partners as they navigate the recovery stage and prioritize in-store innovation by integrating online and offline channels for an omnichannel experience.”

Knowing how fast the evolution of technology is and how crucial digital transformation is for businesses to remain competitive, Yondu remains committed to being part of the eCommerce journey by supporting Globe Group’s commitment to uplifting Filipino lives, transforming businesses, and building a digital nation.