Take this trip to Tiaong, you won't regret it!

This year could be the best time to rekindle family getaway plans that were all halted as the world succumbed to a pandemic in the last two years. As the government lifted travel restrictions by deescalating alert levels, what better way to enjoy the weekend with the family than to experience a relaxing and fun-filled trip to Tiaong, Quezon.

Just in the boundary of Quezon and Laguna province and a two-hour drive from Manila, Tiaong is popular for its Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, which brings us back to the glorious plantation years of the late 18th century.

Here are some of the activities that your entire family can enjoy on this weekend getaway. Filipino culture here is very much alive--something that the young should be exposed to more often.

Travel back to the past

Upon reaching the Villa Escudero resort, health declaration checking is required. After that, guests can enjoy being inside a typical Filipino plaza back in the old days where Filipino-Spanish houses and churches were situated.

At the end of the plaza is this beautiful replica of the San Francisco Church, which once stood in Intramuros, Manila, and was sadly destroyed during World War 2. The church houses the private collection of the Escudero family, which they collected through the years while traveling around the world. Here, guests can enjoy a glimpse of the lifestyle of people from various bygone eras.

A walk inside this museum from the ground floor to the second floor is truly a visual feast yet quite educational as well.

Enjoy a carabao ride

After a blast from the past tour of the museum, guests will enjoy a ride from a carabao-drawn cart while being serenaded by folk singers giving you the 'feels' of the relaxing Filipino plantation life.

Experience lunch buffet beside a waterfall

At the end of the carabao cart ride, guests will reach the big villas leading to another popular feature of this beautiful plantation, the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant. Guests will enjoy a delicious Filipino buffet lunch with a man-made waterfall as background. While you enjoy your food, soak your feet on the shallow running water. This man-made waterfall is actually a defunct hydroelectric plant and dam built in 1929.

Go for a relaxing dip and swim

After a sumptuous lunch, guests, especially the kids, can enjoy the modern amenities such as the kiddie and adult pool overlooking the beautiful Labasin Lake.

Try bamboo rafting

If you're the type of guest looking for more adventure, try the bamboo rafting at Labasin Lake, which will give you a beautiful vantage view of the Filipino villas beside the lake surrounded by lush greenery of local trees such as coconuts and bamboos.

Indeed this plantation and resort is a reminder of our colorful Filipino culture and tradition, perfect for a relaxing family getaway in these (hopefully) post-pandemic times.