Why were these newlyweds arrested on their wedding day?

Published February 23, 2022, 5:05 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It’s a story of sweet revenge

Over on Ranker today, a reader shared a story on how she squealed on her friend to the friend’s ex—on the friend’s wedding day. Was it wrong? Read her story first.

The source started with how their friendship came about. Both Adam and Mary worked in the same company as the source, already married to each other. Mary resigned from the company after some time. But it wasn’t a “happy ever after” for them.

Source maintained close relations with Mary, and Mary informed source that she was divorcing Adam because he cheated on her. At this time, Mary talked about misplacing her wedding dress and jewelry, but thought it will show up at another time eventually. She even asked Adam where they were, but Adam denied having seen them.

A few years had passed and source was invited to Adam’s wedding to the woman he cheated Mary with. Adam still works in the same company with source. But the world gets smaller for the two of them as they both work in the same department. Thereby, inviting her to his wedding.

Source informed Mary about the invitation, with Mary saying that it was okay for her to attend. She showed up and noticed that the bride was wearing a similar dress—Mary’s dress! She took photos and sent it to Mary, “Doesn’t this dress look familiar?”

Source was notified that Mary saw the pictures, but source didn’t get a reply. Apparently, Mary informed the local police about the theft and the police went to the reception to arrest the newlyweds. They were taken to the police station, and the bride ended up with nothing to wear but her underwear, taking off the dress and the jewelry. The police were able to confirm that these were Mary’s properties.

Now, here’s the question, Adam knew it was the source who informed Mary about the wedding gown and the jewelry, ruining their wedding. Was the source wrong to do so?