Robredo to capitalize on face-to-face campaigning within bounds of COVID protocols

Aspiring president Vice President Leni Robredo intends to capitalize on her strength, which is face-to-face campaigning, to gain more supporters on the ground as long as the pandemic task force regulations allow it.

(Photo courtesy of the VP Leni Robredo)

Robredo's Spokesperson Barry Gutierrez said Friday, Feb. 11, said that the Vice President's strength even in the 2016 elections was her genuine interaction with people. So, they plan to continue carrying out more actual campaign sorties as much as possible.

"That's really been her strength even in the previous elections. In fact, one point of pride for everybody in the campaign is that, put a group of people in the same room as Leni Robredo, and they will come away supporting her, believing in her," Gutierrez said in an interview with ANC.

"We have that much trust and faith in her capacity to actually come across as a really genuine person who you would want to actually support as a candidate, and you know, as someone who should be President," he added.

This, however, would only be possible if the protocols set for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) allow them to do so. Otherwise, they will resort to virtual meetings and town halls via Zoom.

"In the absence of that or if restrictions become more stringent we have fallback plans in the form of online meetings, you know these Zoom town halls, and so on," the spokesman said.

"Because really unlike other camps which seem determined to keep their candidate out of the limelight as much as possible and to rely only on these curated materials on social media and traditional media, we believe that the more people who actually interact with the Vice President, the more people will actually come out to support her. And that’s something we have seen happen in the last months," he added.

Robredo has been campaigning around the country since her official sendoff in her hometown, Naga City, on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

The presidential aspirant hopscotched across her regional bailiwick of Bicol for two days, before heading to Batangas on Thursday, Feb. 10, and Laguna Friday, Feb. 11.