Health or Wealth? You never have to choose with AIA All-in-One Plus

Published February 8, 2022, 3:15 PM

by MB Lifestyle

The ongoing pandemic has not only disrupted routines and derailed plans, but also heightened our fears about life’s uncertainties. It made us rethink our priorities, putting health and financial preparedness first before everything else. Almost always, unexpected health-related expenses because of the pandemic break our budgets, force us to touch our savings and, for some, lead them into debt. This scenario leaves many to choose between health or wealth. 

Of course, getting an insurance plan is one way to secure your future. When you’re faced with a decision to go for one that provides protection vs one that takes care of your health concerns vs one that offers financial growth, it can be pretty difficult to choose, considering today’s situation. Thankfully, there’s one that goes above and beyond covering all bases for your needs, and levels up your protection by giving you added benefits for living healthier. There’s no need to compromise because you can choose to be protected, take care of your health, and set yourself up for financial growth all at the same time.

Here’s how AIA All-in-One Plus (AIO+) can make sure you cover all the bases that you need to safeguard.

● AIA AIO+ gives you levelled-up protection

Unlike most policies that only offer one or several options between untimely death, accidents, disability, and critical illnesses benefits, AIA AIO+ gives full protection from all four. It’s tailor-made for the conscious yet forward thinkers, as it covers the most common risks, at approximately P7,7660 per month (for ten years, for a 35-year-old male). Now you don’t have to weigh which plan is more important or urgent to avail first because you already get both!

● Get the support you need to be your healthiest

AIA AIO+ comes with the AIA Vitality program where members are incentivized with rewards for knowing and improving their health. Aside from the rewards, members who maintain a healthy lifestyle can get up to 50 per cent additional coverage on their policy.
Members who remain engaged with the program for the next ten years are also rewarded with additional cash benefit at the end of the policy’s tenth year, depending on their AIA Vitality status every year.

● Enjoy financial growth with your investment

And if the above-mentioned benefits aren’t enough, did you know that AIA AIO+ can also help you save for the long-term? You have an opportunity to grow your savings through investments in expertly managed local or global investment funds, depending on your risk appetite.
With AIA AIO+, there’s no need to compromise your priorities because you can be protected, work on getting healthy, all while setting up your long-term savings at the same time.

Start living life to the fullest, even amid the pandemic! Find out how you can secure your future without having to worry about the uncertainties of the present by clicking here to visit the AIA Philippines website and know more about AIA AIO+.