Eleazar urges gov't to step up info drive as vaccination of 5-11 kids starts

Published February 7, 2022, 7:35 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

Senatorial aspirant Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar urged on Monday, Feb. 7, the national government to step up the information drive on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination in order to convince more parents to have their children inoculated against the deadly virus.

Eleazar, former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief who is now running for senator, also expressed support to the decision of some local government units (LGUs) to require parent or guardian’s consent before any five to 11-year old kid is vaccinated.


While he has kept encouraging parents to have their children get anti-COVID shots, Eleazar said the final decision on the kid’s vaccination really depends on the parents.

“The government’s initiative to vaccinate as many Filipinos that include children is essential in the fight against the COVID-19 but this should not take away the right of the parents to decide on matters concerning their children,” said Eleazar.

Earlier, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said that presenting parent’s consent before allowing the vaccination of children against COVID-19 is a “requirement.’’

Eleazar stressed that children and their parents must not be forced to get the jabs, saying the decision should be voluntary especially on the part of the parents and guardians.

According to Eleazar, the aggressive information dissemination in order to assist the parents in their decision-making process with regard to the vaccination of their children.

The pilot vaccination of those aged five to 11-years-old will begin on February 7. Some vaccination sites had prepared a theme to encourage children get vaccinated.