'Parody King' Denin Sy drops pop-rock track 'Pasensya Ka Na God Bless'

Denin Sy

With the ongoing COVID-19 surge brought by the highly contagious variant Omicron wreaking havoc here and the world over, a pretty pop rock Tagalog song with strong recall should definitely help in providing a sense of hope and healing to the current times.

Singer-songwriter Denin Sy, known to many as a legitimate parodist with engagingly viral contents, offers some silver lining to a crippled local music scene as live face-to-face shows are not allowed and most artists tend to release heartbreaking ballads amid the situation.

The so-called Parody King's new song “Pasensya Ka Na God Bless,” with its title being a nod to a hilarious stolen shot viral video, is actually a musically strong cut delivered in first-rate pop rock recording. The melody holds up like a new song bound to become a radio hit, in this case, a social media favorite, while the lyrics were clearly written with a natural touch for catchiness and universality.

The promising piece was released in digital format on Jan. 28.

“This song is inspired by the viral video ‘Pasensya Ka Na Ha God bless.’ I took the title, put some melody to a set of words and turned it into a three-minute upbeat, good-vibe song,” said Denin who’s been making a name rewording in Filipino, select anime themes and performing them in the same signature Asian pop style.

'Pasensya Ka Na God Bless'

Denin's parody of the opening theme song of the classic “Bioman” series, which he sang and performed with a band in a new normal set-up, garnered more than a million views and helped establish his name among netizens looking for truly entertaining videos in the middle of a raging pandemic. For this and his other parodies that turned out unique because of the way he can make the Tagalog language sound like Korean or Japanese, he had deservingly earned the title “Parody King.”

“Pasensya Ka Na God Bless” is somehow a delightful parody itself. The viral video with nearly identical title features a person now dubbed ‘Kagawad God Bless’ trying to apologize, albeit in a comical tone, to someone who accuses him of stalking him. That same plot may have also triggered the music video shot for Denin’s latest single, which shows a guy taking his girlfriend for granted.

“In the video,” he said, “the girl suddenly undergoes a makeover and the guy realizes his mistake. He will try to win her back.” Whether he’d be able to do that should make the music video extra worth watching.

The song is Denin’s follow-up to the tuneful slow rock “Sabi Mo Usap Lang” released just last month and which features a performance video featuring ace bass player Rommel Dela Cruz, of Barbie and Freestyle fame, as among his bandmates.

Architect by profession and singing songwriter by passion, Denin Sy debuted in 2010, releasing an album called “Deninman Songs” distributed under Synergy Music and Star Records. The package introduced his easily understandable and relatable take on stories and sentiments Pinoys are familiar with. “Good vibes lang lagi. At totoo lang pagdating sa feelings."

His career had a good take-off. Yet, as his Chinese heritage taught him the value of embracing his innate entrepreneurial spirit, he stepped out from the limelight to focus on construction and family business.

The last three years though were a sort of comeback period for Denin as he came up with quite a number of singles. Prior to the initial lockdown in mid-March of 2020, he released five singles, namely, Magbabalik Sa Iyo,” “Feel You Here,” “Ikaw Na Lang Ang Hinihintay”, “Lanakompake” and “Talaga Ba (Sumaya Bago Sumuko)”.

You bet he later came up with a song tribute for frontliners that same summer, with “Tara Na Tahan Na.” He also made lots of anime and K-pop parodies, as well as vlog entries to stay connected with people and fans, and bring laughter to all kinds of frontliners.

Then he put out “Unlipops (Are You Lost Baby Girl),” before rounding it up with the song preceding his newest entry to his growing discography. “I want to continue making music na very relatable to Filipino fans,” he said.

Denin Sy's 'Pasensya Ka Na God Bless'

Small wonder that his lyrics are full of wit, humor, and sincerity. His song arrangements definitely diggable to his music-loving compatriots. Thus, as soon as the opening drum fills introduces “Pasensya Ka Na God Bless,” you know you’re in for a good treat.

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