VIRAL: Why this single mom chose to be on her own

"Hirap maging single mother, lalo na't lumalaki anak mo," posted Gessa Araño on her personal Facebook post last Sept. 2021 which went viral with over 45,000 shares. This month, it goes viral again, as this post still rings true.

She shares in her lengthy post that her barely-two-year-old child asked where "Papa" is—many times. Araño couldn't help but tell a white lie that her papa is working far away, which prompted the child to say that they should go to him or give him a call. She then proceeded to explain that they cannot call him since he's busy at work.

Zach Lucero for Unsplash

She continued her post by sharing how hard it is that the time has come that her child is looking for the father. Even if they're happy together and she gives everything possible to make her child happy, it's still not enough. She also admitted that the father does try to reach out from time to time. Not frequent enough, because he has another life now. He is married to someone else, even if Araño was the first one to have a relationship with him.

"Sorry, anak," she apologizes for not being able to experience a father's love. Even if the father helps in providing financial means, it's not enough. Araño gave hints on why they never built a family together, and it's because she was so hurt by him. "Sana kapag lumaki kana mababasa mo ito, at maisip mo at tandaan mo na kahit hndi tayo kompleto ngayon, kinaya ko at kakayanin kopang maging ina at ama sa iyo dahil sobrang mahal na mahal kita, anak (I hope you get to read this when you grow up, and you will understand that even if we're not a complete family, I gave everything I could to be both a mother and father to you because I love you so much, my child),"

She reminds those who get to read her post that there are may single moms who can relate to her. "Don't lose hope," she says. She also wishes that everyone will know the importance of loving someone and avoid cheating. "Love your partners and children, guys."