Painting a ‘better world’ through street murals

Published January 26, 2022, 2:15 PM

by John Legaspi

An art haven in the metro

As galleries and museums are allowing limited visitors, and some are temporarily closing their doors, art goes out to the streets of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as its spaces become the canvas for Filipino artists.

Through ArtBGC, BGC’s Public Art program has recently added more murals throughout the area as part of its recovery program to improve open spaces with parks and art installations. Currently, there are 36 murals, 22 art installations, and 110 pieces of street furniture in and around its vicinity for the public to enjoy every day.

To kick off 2022 on an artistic note, Bonifacio Art Foundation commissioned artists to create seven additional murals on the walls of the city last year. With the theme “Rolling Out a Better World,” these murals depict a society where everyone is interconnected through empathy and compassion. These new murals were painted by Glendford Lumbao, Kankan Ramos, Patmai, Zoe Rosal, Deafeye Studio, Elie Quial, and Woman Create.

‘What’s Your Culture’ by Glenford Lumbao

Last year, the first-ever mural, “What’s Your Culture?” by Glendford Lumbao, was made possible with the support of Yamaha Motor Philippines. It utilized the concept of “weaving” to highlight how different narratives are intertwined together making it all part of a bigger picture. In line with the theme of moving forward for a better tomorrow, the mural shows a subtle hint of the Pinoy concept of “kapit-bisig” to visualize how everyone in the community, despite their different culture, could be of service to one another.

‘Atin ang Bawat Sandali’ by Deafeye Studio

‘Atin ang Araw!’ by Zoe Rosal

Apart from the first mural supported by Yamaha Motors, Globe Telecom supported other murals namely “Atin ang Love for All” by Patmai, “Atin ang Araw” by Zoe Rosal, and “Atin ang Bawat Sandali” by Deafeye Studio as “Rolling out a Better World” joyfully coincided with Globe Telecom’s ongoing campaign, “Atin ang Mundo” (The World is Ours).

On the other hand, “The Land We Walk On” by Elie Quial and “Nurturing Ubuntu” by Woman Create were sponsored by Boysen, the official paint partner for ArtBGC. Boysen provided all the paints used for all the new murals, and even held a seminar for the artists and BAFI staff on proper paints and products to use for different surfaces. Boysen has always strongly supported BAFI even when The Mind Museum was created.

‘Let Compassion, Empathy and Kindness Flow’ by Kankan Ramos

‘Nurturing Ubuntu (Connected in our Humanity)’ by Woman Create

Can’t go out yet? BGC’s public art is also accessible through a virtual art tour. Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. is also accepting donations to help sustain its programs that champion the arts in the community. Interested donors can visit or email [email protected] For more updates, check out the Facebook pages of Bonifacio Global City and Bonifacio High Street.

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