New Year’s resolution: Get yourself a credit card

Published January 22, 2022, 10:32 AM

by Aaron Cabeza

There’s a reason why a lot of people apply for credit cards; if you don’t have one yet, get this one

credit card

If you can use plastic responsibly, it could be an efficient instrument in your arsenal for dealing with finances during the pandemic. We’re not talking about recycling, but credit cards. Cashless transactions are the future! Not only is the card more secure against fraud, it could also serve as a safety net amid the economic hardships. Several card issuers have made payment terms more flexible as help to patrons. Beyond that, using a credit card wisely has tons of benefits, including but not limited to recordkeeping, low-cost loans, convenience, cash advances, purchase protection, and membership perks.

Oh, and there are rebates too, which are among the most popular promotions today. For the uninitiated, the simplest way to put it is “a partial refund.” These reimbursements, regardless of the amount, allow us to save money. In the COVID-19 era, every penny we save matters. Financial awareness is arguably just as important as being health-conscious today.

Managing your assets not only means keeping funds in the bank, but investing in materials and services that would grow equities, or make you happy, or both. So, eat at your favorite restaurant, buy what you want and need, and spend, but responsibly.

As 2021 came to a close, HSBC introduced a refreshed Platinum Visa credit card that enables cardholders to earn rebates for each transaction. These rebates are automatically credited into a customers’ account, which makes life so much easier as it eliminates the need to call or apply online for redemption.

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With this card, we get to enjoy one of the highest cashback rates in the Philippines. Rebates are earned fast with every purchase charged to Platinum Visa credit, even faster for certain spending categories.

There’s a five percent rebate on travel and shopping expenses, including online purchases, a one percent rebate on insurance, and .50 percent on all other transactions. It comes with free travel insurance, which covers injuries, accidental death, and travel inconveniences such as baggage loss/delay and trip cancellation or delay during a domestic or international trip.

Cashless transactions are the future!

A common perk among HSBC credit cards is it lets us earn a three percent rebate on our fuel purchases at participating Caltex stations nationwide all year round. The first Caltex transaction, meanwhile, gives a six percent rebate. On top of this, Caltex fuel purchases using the Platinum Visa earns reward points.

The Platinum Visa, like the rest of multinational investment bank’s credit cards, also lets cardholders convert straight purchases into more affordable installments of up to 36 months at zero interest. Installment transactions earn three-times bonus points. This installment plan applies to appliances, gadgets, furniture, and other big-ticket items. So, we can get our wants and needs in advance without burning holes in our pockets.