FAMOUS: VXON dreams of collab with SB19


In our exclusive virtual interview with new PPop group VXON (read as “vision”), its leader and main rapper C13 shared his experience during their first music video shoot. “It was a blast as it was a collaboration of amazing people. You can feel the energy from each individual from the director, staff, and performer. My favorite part was when we were shooting the dance part in the performance hall, since that was the time when we can show what we have been rehearsing for the past few months."

Vince, VXON’s visual and lead vocals, considered the MV shoot a magical experience. “It brought us to a whole new world and one of my favorite parts was performing the dance with my members because we have been practicing it for months now."

The group's main dancer Patrick admitted that he was shy at first, but when he got the vibe of the shoot, he easily connected with the group and made an impactful performance.

“It was a lot of fun to make the music video. I felt I was in a foreign universe because of the setting, the ambiance. Shooting within the kaleidoscopic set would be my favorite part; I want people to see more of it,” added Franz, VXON’s main vocals.

Sam, VXON’s lead rapper and lead vocals, said that his favorite part was the crowd during the shoot. “The part that everyone was smiling and cheering for us every time we are in front of the camera. Yung sobrang saya ng mga katrabaho mo because they appreciate you. They are happy with everything kaya ikaw ang tanging gagawin mo nalang is to do your job and slay every performance for them and especially for all our supporters, Vixies.”

Within an hour after uploading the music video entitled “The Beast,” vloggers and KPop fans flooded YouTube with reaction videos commending how powerful and exquisitely executed each scene was, commending the performance of each member and the potential of the group. The production value of the MV marked a good impression in the PPop scene, that this group came prepared and ready.

Most of the reactors had been asked to cover the band because it impressed fans with its single drop last Jan. 7. Shooting to the #1 spot in both iTunes and Spotify Fresh Finds, and making it to the latter's OPM Rising playlist, the song left listeners amazed, especially when they learned that the boys, especially Franz, Sam, and C13, wrote the words.

VXON dreams of having a collaboration with SB19, which they described as the pillar of PPop.


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