Angono vice mayor tests positive for COVID-19

Published January 14, 2022, 8:10 AM

by Nel Andrade

Angono, Rizal Vice Mayor Gerardo Calderon has tested positive for COVID-19.

Photo from Mayor Vice Calderon’s Facebook page

In his announcement on Thursday, Jan. 13, on Facebook, Calderon disclosed his contracting the virus after his test result came out following three days of isolation.

The elder Calderon said that he could have contracted the virus from either his staff who earlier turned positive for COVID-19 or another person who he met prior to his isolation.

He also revealed that the town has 78 new cases that are among the 621 total active cases as of January 13.

The latest figure was the highest all time daily total active cases that has been recorded in the Art Capital of the Country since March 2020.

As of January 10, there are still 32,087 unvaccinated persons which is equivalent to 35.7 percent of the 89,795 persons who are supposed to comprise the target population of the town to achieve herd immunity. (NEL ANDRADE)