Mariel Rodriguez shares how life has been when kids are sick

Published January 12, 2022, 4:14 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

“Care for yourself, too!”

While the Padilla household was tested negative for COVID-19, this still doesn’t mean that it’s more lax at home. Mariel Rodriguez posted a photo of how life has been while she takes care of her two girls who have been sick.

Mariel Rodrigeuz on motherhood

“When babies are sick they are extra clingy. So for days I ate this way. Today, I just want to tell all the moms out there that you… We are all doing an amazing job. I know we shoulder all the pressure, all the worry, feeding, bathing, house chores, temperature check, meds, calling the doctor, keeping it together and everything else while nursing our own colds, cough, fever, or all of the above,” she psoted.

But, nevertheless, she reminds all the parents out there, “So if you find time to relax, sit and eat well… go ahead! You deserve it, too. You too need to get better. Care for yourself, too. #GoodJobNanay”