WATCH: Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse of ‘Voltes V: Legacy’

Published January 4, 2022, 10:18 AM

by John Legaspi

The anime’s original producer, Toei Company, also expressed its excitement over the project.

“The whole scale of the production is overwhelming. I think this is one of the biggest projects of GMA,” actor Miguel Tanfelix says in a featurette released on New Year’s Eve presenting a behind-the-scenes look at the highly-anticipated series, “Voltes V: Legacy.”

For the past eight years, GMA Network has been working hard on bringing the ’70s Japanese anime to local television with its live-action depiction. Through the online featurette, fans were given a chance to take a glimpse of the mega-production that backs the series. And with its attention to detail, faithfulness to the original material, and the merging of computer-generated effects and the ensemble’s performance, “Voltes V: Legacy” is definitely looking very promising and got a lot of thumbs up from the netizens.

Not only are the ‘80s and ‘90s kids cannot wait to see the show, but anime’s original producer Toei Company also expressed its excitement over the project. Through an Instagram post, “Voltes V: Legacy” director Mark Reyes shared the message from the Japanese film and television production company.

“We are very excited to the news that ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ is being produced in the Philippines,” the company said in a statement released on Dec. 28, 2021. “Production may be tough under this [COVID-19] situation, but this time we wanted to inform you that we were so excited to see the promo-reel of the show. We could feel your respect to the original series [and] we also thank you for your effort, enthusiasm and hard work under this [COVID-19] situation. Please take care of yourselves and we shall continue to look forward to the completion of the show.”

Joining Tanfelix as Steve Armstrong in the series are fellow cast members Radson Flores as Mark Gordon, Matt Lozano as Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong, Raphael Landicho as “Little Jon” Armstrong, and Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson. While Martin del Rosario brings to life Prince Zardoz, the leader of the Boazanian invasion force which seeks to conquer Earth.

Watch the featurette here: