Fireworks-related injuries reach 153---DOH


The Department of Health (DOH) said it recorded 68 more firecracker-related injuries, raising the total to 153.

The total number of fireworks-related injuries was as of 6 a.m. of Jan. 2.

"These were 32 percent higher compared to 2020 (116 cases) and 61 percent lower than the five-year average (392 cases) during the same time period," the DOH reported.

"All cases were injuries due to fireworks. Sixty cases occurred in the NCR (National Capital Region). There was no fireworks ingestion, stray bullet injury, or death reported," it added.

The age range of the victims were between two to 74-years-old, the DOH said.

"Sixteen cases had blast/burn injury requiring amputation, 102 cases had blast/burn injury not requiring amputation, and 39 cases had an eye injury," the DOH noted.

Kwitis, boga, luces, and triangle caused most of the injuries, said the DOH.