OMG! Maureen Wroblewitz reveals battle with depression, anxiety

After detoxifying through an out-of-town vacation, Miss Universe Philippines finalist Maureen Wroblewitz opened up on a realization.

According to her, she needed a break for her mental health.

"You only see what I post on social media but what I don’t show are the challenges I go through everyday. I have realized that in this new journey of mine I have been my worst competitor, I have always been. I pressure myself to improve but it only hurts me," she said. 

Maureen reiterated that it is okay not to be okay; it is okay to be sad and cry; it is okay to feel unmotivated and unproductive. 

"We need to acknowledge what we are feeling and know that all our feelings are valid. A lesson I have learned the hard way," she related.

"I haven’t been very open about my mental health in the past because I was embarrassed but I want to change that. To whoever needs to hear this right now, know that you are not battling this alone. I wish I knew that when I was suffering from depression and anxiety (I still do). I wish I knew that all my feelings are valid."

Maureen declared she had "one very important realization" during these difficult times, which is the importance of gratitude. 

"I’ve watched @mikebalolong latest tiktok and it inspired me to speak. Being grateful is so important and it can indeed boost your happiness. Being grateful for the little things and to savor everything. I have even learned to make peace with my past experiences and not to dwell on them. Instead I like to thank them for making me the person that I am today. The strong, kind and beautiful person that I am. Thank you to everyone who joined this trip! You made it a very special one."