'Caught In The Act' OST features all-original songs by Andi Abaya, Bamboo B, and Jhassy Busran

Album cover of 'Caught In The Act' original soundtrack

The upcoming youth-oriented mystery thriller “Caught In The Act” will release an all-original movie soundtrack, aptly titled “Inner Love.”   

Featured in the “Caught In The Act:  Inner Love” OST are new original songs performed by teen stars Andi Abaya (Pinoy Big Brother Connect 2nd Big Placer), Bamboo B, and Jhassy Busran, also with father and son Alvin Barcelona and Aio Barcelona, with Himaya Band.

Produced by MPJ Entertainment Productions, Global Brilliance and Olivia Paynor, one of the executive producers, the OST will be distributed by ABS-CBN Star Music on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Itunes of Apple, Tiktok, YouTube, and Deezer on the midnight of Oct. 1.

The original songs are:  “Nariyan Ka Lang Pala” and “Tanging Hiling” performed by Andi Abaya; “Sabihin Ko Na Ba?” performed by Bamboo B; “Huwag Muna Ngayon” performed by Jhassy Busran; “Huli Ka” by Alvin Barcelona, and “Ako Muna” by Aio Barcelona.

The millennial followers of the cast -- especially Andi’s huge fan base -- are excited and thrilled for their idol’s two songs where the pretty 19-year-old newbie gets to showcase her outstanding talent as promising singer.

Director Perry Escano

Their excitement is evident on the fans’ social media accounts in support of Andi, as well as new faces Bamboo B. and Jhassy who are part of the young lead cast in the film.

The song concepts – mostly about young love and friendship -- are from the film’s writer-director Perry Escaño, and are composed by Bro. Alvin Barcelona and Henry Ong. 

On Oct. 8, six new music videos, all helmed by Direk Perry, will also be released on Star Music’s YouTube channel.  Fans must not miss this extra treat.

The film’s lead actor Joaquin Domagoso, son of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, will also be seen in the music videos of Andi’s two recorded songs “Nariyan Ka Lang Pala” and “Tanging Hiling”. 

The first look of some footage of the movie will also be exclusively shown on these music videos.

Joaquin Domagoso

In “Caught In The Act” movie, Kapuso Joaquin and Kapamilya Andi get their biggest break as they portray senior high school students who invent a new mobile app called "Caught in the Act," a crime-stopping app, which allows people to report crimes. 

Also in the cast are Karel Marquez, Lance Raymundo, Josh Lichtenberg, Shido Roxas, Ejay Panganiban, John Gabriel, among others.Intended for the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival, the film’s executive producers are Josie Paynor, Reagan Romero, Naj Dantes Soriano, and JCB Production.

Incidentally, Joaquin is nominated as Best New Male TV Personality of the 34th PMPC Star Awards for Television to be aired on Oct. 17 (Sunday), 6 pm, on STV channel and streamed on RAD online platform.

From left: Andi Abaya, Bamboo B, and Jhassy Busran


“Nariyan Ka Lang Pala” by Andi Abaya

A lady realizes that her male best friend will always be there for her and that even she finds someone, that man will always care and love her.  This unconditional pledge makes this musical piece as one of the most touching and romantic songs of the millennials of this generation.

“Tanging Hiling” by Andi Abaya

This song tells us that in loving someone, even when you can't be with that person, you still and will always wish the best for him or her, no matter what.

“Sabihin Ko Na Ba?”  by Bamboo B.

This song is about a young man who has no enough courage to tell his female best friend that he is in love with her.

“Huwag Muna Ngayon” by Jhassy Busran

A teenage girl falls in love with someone, but the the situation makes her feel weird and nervous to admit it to the guy.  She then realizes that she will prioritize her studies over love.

“Huli Ka” by Alvin Barcelona with Himaya Band

This song is about genuine friendship.  A person invites one of his close friends to be part of his journey in life.  In doing so, he is motivated to build up his dedication and hard work to reach out for his dreams.

“Ako Muna” by Alo Barcelona with Himaya Band

A song about a young professional guy whose mindset is loving himself first before anyone else.  He believes that a person must be happy first if he’s single or alone, so that he can be happy as soon as he falls for a relationship in the future.