5 things you may not know about VP Leni

Vice President Leni Robredo may be a public official, but she's a very private person.

(Screenshot from Karen Davila's YouTube video)

But Robredo was gracious enough to give broadcaster Karen Davila a "house tour", along with a sit-down interview that gave some details about the lady official that the general public may not know.

The house tour and interview were part of Davila's latest upload Saturday night, Sept. 18 on her YouTube channel.

So, what new things did we learn about the person holding the second highest position in the country? Here are a few:

1. Robredo lives in a condominium.

(Screenshot from Karen Davila's YouTube video)

Based on her estimate, the condo unit's size is 100 square meters. While she raved about the unit's aesthetics, Davila was still shocked to see this as she expected the Vice President to have a place befitting her stature. "Never naghangad ako ng malaking bahay (I never desired a big house)," Robredo said.

Since space is limited, Robredo said that she and her daughters can't keep buying new things, "kasi wala kaming lalagyan (because we won't have a place for them)". The exact location of the condominium wasn't revealed, for obvious reasons.

2. Robredo is a 'plantita'.

(Screenshot from Karen Davila's YouTube video)

She showed Davilla her terrace where she keeps her potted herbs. "Herbs talaga dahil nagluluto ako (I chose herbs because I cook)," Robredo said.

"Ang dami kong herbs dito before...pero yun nga, parang the whole of August maulan, namatay yung ibang herbs. So ngayon, ina-ICU ko siya (I had a lot of herbs before...but they died due to the incessant rains this August. So now I have them in the ICU)," the 56-year-old said. Indeed, spoken like a true plantita!

3. Robredo is super organized...OC?

(Screenshot from Karen Davila's YouTube video)

The Vice President also likes to organize household items using labeled containers and "zip lock" bags. She has a good reason why.

"Kung makikita mo (If you can see), Karen," Robredo said as she led her guest to unit's storage room, "lahat yan naka-label para kapag mag-grocery, para hindi ka mag-hoard, tignan mo kung ano yung mauubos (all of those are labeled so that, instead of just hoarding, you just need to check which items are running out before you do your groceries)."

"Except for food, ang rule ko, once a month kami maggo-grocery for supplies. Kasi minsan kapag naggo-grocery ka every week, meron kang binibili na dapat hindi mo binili (My rule is, we only do groceries for supplies once a month. Because sometimes, if you do groceries every week, you will buy an item that you shouldn't buy)," she said.

4. Robredo has a pet pug.

(Screenshot from Karen Davila's YouTube video)

The Vice President told Davila that she has a pet pug. A pug is small dog breed, meaning the pet goes with the minimalistic vibe of the condo life. A short clip of Robredo playing with the dog was shown in the YouTube video.

Unfortunately, the name of the pug wasn't revealed.

5. Robredo has never flown first class.

Robredo admitted to being budget-conscious, although she hilariously outed her eldest daughter Aika (who made a cameo) by describing her as "mas kuripot" (stingier than me).

"Ako kahit VP na ako, pag personal trip, hindi talaga ako nag...Economy ako. Hindi pa ako nakatikim ng first class. Nakakatikim lang ako ng business class kapag halimbawa na-invite ako to an event abroad to speak tapos yung sponsor yung sumagot ng ticket ko (Even when I became VP, I don’t...I only fly economy for my personal trips. I've never experienced first class. I only get to experience business class when, for example, I get invited to a speaking engagement abroad and it was the event sponsor who shouldered by ticket)," she told Davila.