Cebuana fashion designer makes waves in Europe with Filipiniana creations

The Philippine Embassy in Oslo is currently hosting the Filipiniana creation of Norway-based fashion designer Mayeth Sigue Codoy whose signature brand is now slowly finding its niche in major European cities.

Codoy, born and raised in Balamban, Cebu, is the owner of the MYET brand which features Filipiniana –inspired clothes made from abaca or Manila hemp, a fiber endemic to the Philippines.

The reason for starting this brand is to create something unique made with natural fabrics, produced by farmers in my home country. This as I can identify with their daily struggles to provide for their family,” the Cebuana artist said on her website

Codoy’s love for her country was clearly reflected in her mission and vision to introduce Philippine natural garments to the European market.

“All products with this garment will be produced in the Philippines, creating even more jobs,” she said.

This farm girl started her inspiring journey at the age of 23 when she left her family to be an au pair in Norway.

While in Oslo, Codoy pursued her big goal by taking up fashion design at the prestigious Esmod International Fashion School in Oslo, an affiliate of the Esmod Group in Paris.

In a statement, the Philippine Embassy in Norway said Codoy’s achievement is a “testament to her talent, hard work, and sheer determination to pursue her dreams”.

According to the Embassy, Codoy’s Filipiniana collection will be shown this month at the Paris Fashion Week.

Last year, some of Codoy’s Filipiniana-inspired creations were prominently featured on the official website of Esmod International.

Her artistic pieces carry the cultural identity of traditional Filipino clothing like the Maria Clara gown made out of piña fiber, the same material used to make the ‘barong tagalog’.