Maja Salvador spills tea on Enchong Dee, Coco Martin, RK Bagatsing

Maja Salvador got candid on her latest vlog.

She did not even spare her own guest, actor Enchong Dee.

The actress-singer-dancer also revealed some little known anecdotes about several actors that had fans laughing hard.

In the vlog, Maja and Enchong played a game of "Drink Or Spill."

Maja was much more forthcoming in comparison to Enchong, who had to knock back several shots of tequila simply refusing to answer the touchy questions prepared for him.

At one point, Maja even related how Enchong himself once courted her.

She also directly named Coco Martin as that one actor she just loved to slap albeit for a scene.

Maja said, "Well alam naman ng lahat na aso't pusa kami ni Coco. So may time na nakakagigil siya tapos may eksena na sasampalin ko siya kaya na-enjoy ko..."

Meanwhile, when asked to rank Enchong, Paulo Avelino, Coco Martin and RK Bagatsing from most to least handsome, Maja said: "Number one, Enchong Dee. Siyempre, guest ko siya kaya number one siya. Number two, Paulo, number three, Coco and number four, RK..."

When Enchong teased that he will tell RK about it, Maja retorted, "Subukan niyang magalit, baka masampal ko siya..."

Time as truth teller?

Well, tequila works too.