A MOTHER'S LOVE: Nicole Hyala shares daughter's road to recovery

A most stressful chapter just ended for Nicole Hyala's family, their eight-year-old daughter Princess survived Viral Encephalitis. It may be a short stay at the hospital, but it's long for any parent. The best news was when they heard from their neurologist, "It's amazing!" This gave the parents the confirmation that their precious child is getting better.

They were given the approval to check out of the hospital so that she can have her physical, speech, and occupational therapies at home. It's safer that way, the couple revealed. "She really recovered, but kailangan ng more enhancements," Nicole added.

She shares their journey (so far) of how it has been over on her Instagram stories:

A lot of physical therapy for the past 24 hours since the vlog post, including a post-therapy workout of running and playing with their second daughter. She ends the series with another post, thanking the Lord for their wonderful family.