Alice Dixson is now a mom, shares baby's first footprints

Having one of the most beautiful faces (and even bodies, to boot), people have always wondered when Alice Dixson will start her own family.

She has been in Canada for the past few weeks, and there reason for this is most probably because she is welcoming her baby. "Despite the unexpected trials this year, God gave us a little miracle," she posted on her Instagram account.

"For those of you who really know me, you’ve known that I’ve been praying for this every year on my birthday for 10 years now. Each year - my wish the same when I blew out my candles," says the youthful 51-year-old actress.

"So with great patience, belief, and trust, I am happy to announce my wish has finally come true. Our newest little family member has arrived. From my family to yours, Advanced Happy Easter," ends the new blooming mom.