Gibbs and Moophs release empowering track 'Angel Baby'

Singer-songwriter sisters Chi and Gabs—collectively known as GIBBS—have launched an empowering pop rock anthem titled “Angel Baby,” the duo’s first collaboration with music producer Moophs released under Tarsier Records.

“To us the song is really an anthem about fighting your inner demons and letting the light in. In these dark, confusing times we’re hoping the song gives people that badass confidence to fight whatever they’re facing,” Chi and Gabs said.

Inspired by ‘80s rock and James Bond theme songs, “Angel Baby” emboldens listeners to be a hero amidst external forces that surround us. GIBBS said that having Moophs on board for the project was exciting since they look up to his work and knew that he would be able to realize their vision for the track.

Moophs was equally appreciative of the musical siblings, describing them as ‘easygoing, vivacious, driven, and fiercely unique’ artists.

“It’s always a blast working with artists like that who have a clear direction because instead of putting my energy into helping them figure that out, I can put all of my energy into making the song the best it can be,” he explained.

The music video for the song also recently dropped on Tarsier Records’ YouTube channel, which director Simon Te described as “a play on our inner demons (and angels) and what would happen if we leaned into them.”

Chi and Gabs of GIBBS

Creative director BJ Pascual meanwhile called it a ‘visual extravaganza.’ “It's a feast for the eyes, and I think it’s something new and fresh, especially for the local music scene!”

Prior to “Angel Baby,” GIBBS released their debut single “No Hearts” in 2019, for which they won Best New Group Recording Artist and Best Pop Recording in 2020’s Awit Awards, and established their flavor of sound and exquisite taste for visuals.